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Coaching Webinar Archive is Moving!
Starting January 1, 2015, the USA Triathlon Coaching Webinar Archives can be found here

Live Webinar Events
USA Triathlon offers an extensive list of webinars to coaches, clubs, race directors, athletes, and the general public presented by leading members of the triathlon community.  Each webinar covers specific tips on a wide variety of topics including nutrition, training, Ironman, building and running a triathlon business, paratriathlon, and more.

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In addition to the upcoming live webinars listed in each section, USAT offers over 250 archived webinars available for purchase in the WEBINAR ARCHIVE LIBRARY. For USAT coaches and race directors seeking re-certification credits, each live and archived webinar along with the corresponding exam will count as 1 CEU unless otherwise noted. More information on the testing website can be found here.

FAQs + Presenters
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Featured Webinar

Every month in 2015, an archived webinar will be available for purchase at a discounted price. Select the corresponding box below to add this webinar to your purchase. All featured webinars will be available for 1 CEU credit following the same procedure as normal priced webinars (an additional $9.99 for the exam to be purchased upon completion of the webinar at

July's Featured Webinar's

Topic: Body Composition Without Sacrificing Performance
Presenter: Liz Broad

Regardless of age, distance or level of competition, there is little doubt that being lighter/leaner is an advantage to triathlon performance. While some athletes find it relatively easy to achieve this body composition (particularly younger males), many athletes do not and may get confused in trying to balance the need for body fat loss and their nutritional needs to sustain training loads and optimise recovery. Striving to achieve body composition goals, athletes may find themselves eating too much (because they're scared they'll run out of gas) or eating too little. The risk of eating too little is that their efforts can lead to a situation of low energy availability, which can result in suppressed fatigue, suppressed hormone levels (estrogen in females, testosterone in males), reduced immune function and a negative impact on bone density - and a failure to shift body composition due to suppressed metabolic rate. To add further confusion, the majority of 'weight loss' diets and recommendations that are available in the public domain (e.g. high protein diets) do not support triathlon training effectively. This webinar will outline the careful balance that must be maintained when striving to achieve the mutual goals of performance and body composition changes in triathletes, the risks and consequences of not getting it right, and some simple strategies to help ensure success.

$14.99 for USAT Members and Coaches
$24.00 for Non-Members

Topic: Functional Strength Training Techniques for Time Limited Endurance Triathletes
Presenter: Duston Morris

This webinar will focus on utilizing simple, basic, multi-muscle functional activities (MMFA) designed to enhance functional strength for endurance athletes who face time-limit barriers and struggle to fit in all of the necessary training components.  This webinar will cover:  
  • How multi-muscle functional activity (MMFA) can replace standard strength training.   
  • The benefits of MMFA compared to standard strength training.   
  • Samples of MMFA.   
  • Sample dose prescriptions of MMFA.  
  • Incorporating MMFA into your daily training plan.
Buy Now!
$14.99 for USAT Members and Coaches
$24.00 for Non-Members

Interested in presenting a USAT webinar?
USAT webinars are presented by leading members of the triathlon community as well as top professionals in their chosen fields. To be considered as a presenter, submit both the application (below) and sample audio presentation (see application for more details) to Education Program Coordinator Hope Graham

  • USAT Webinar Presenter Application: Word version or PDF version.


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