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USA Triathlon Paratriathlon Webinar Series

Overview: The Women in Sport Webinar Series, conducted by leadership female experts in the sport of triathlon, will cover female-specific mental skills, physiology, racing tactics, training and paratriathlon opportunities, as well as a free webinar on reviewing characteristics of eating disorders in fellow athletes.

Learn more about the presenters of this webinar series here: Contributor Bios.

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 Series (6 Webinars)






Female-Specific Racing Techniques
with Gwen Jorgensen
Now Available on Demand

Race day should be well rehearsed.  What you do leading up to the big day will dictate your performance.  Outcomes should not be the focus of your preparation, as you can’t wish your way to a good result.  In my webinar, I will discuss strategies for developing good race-day preparation, which starts well before the actual race day.

This webinar will focus on the following:

  • The importance of goals
  • Environmental factors
  • Personal factors including how menstruation impacts race-day performance
  • Finding confidence through equipment/knowledge
  • Execution of processes
  • Race-week tactics

Female Training Specifics
with Lindsay Hyman
Now Available on Demand

Women in triathlon have a relatively short history; however more women train and compete within the sport today than ever before. Women continue to push their bodies physically and mentally further each year to achieve their greatest performances; ultimately closing the gap between male and female. During this webinar I will cover a few topics on how to become the best you can be within the sport of triathlon.
  • Fact or Fiction training considerations
  • How to train to become your best
  • Racing to your potential
  • Finding the right coach

Mental Skills Training for the Female Athlete
with Dara Wittenberg
Now Available on Demand

Women are every bit as competitive as men, and they want every competitive advantage out there. Yet, the most overlooked tool in a woman’s arsenal is mental skills training. Scott Jurek (winner of the Western States 100 mile run a record 8 times) says that endurance training and racing is 90% mental. The other 10%? Well that’s mental too.

This webinar will discuss mental skills every woman needs to perform her best in triathlon:

  • Mental skills training (MST) and its importance in training and racing.
  • Gender specific issues for female endurance athletes.
  • How to incorporate MST into your training (or coaching)
    • Imagery and visualization
    • Building self confidence
    • Eradicating negative self talk
    • How to connect your training to racing for peak performance
    • Race prep 

Female-Specific Paratriathlon Considerations
with Connie Sol
Now Available on Demand

Women’s involvement in Paralympic sports was not always what it is now; pre 1980’s, men outnumbered women with a 4:1 ratio. However, in 2002, the International Paralympic Committee established the Women In Sport Committee with the mission of obtaining full inclusion of women and girls at all levels of Paralympics. This webinar will discuss how identifying barriers to participation and inclusion successfully decreased this participating ratio to less than 2:1, as well as how the United States continues to strive for equality in today’s sport.

 This webinar will include: 

  • Barriers encountered by female paralympians
  • US versus Rest of the World
  • Paratriathlon and US Female participation
  • Personal Histories – Our favorite female Paratriathletes and how they made it
  • How to get involved in Paratriathlon if you are:
    • A Paralympic athlete from beginner to advanced
    • An able body athlete who wants to get involved with Paratriathlon
    • A Coach

Optimized Performance for the Female Body
with Gale Bernhardt
February 27, 2014 - 3 p.m. Mountain Standard Time

That men and women’s physiologies are different is a point that cannot be argued. One of the glaring differences between men and women is the monthly cycle that women experience. What do we know about the monthly cycle that can have an effect on training and performance? Are there bike fit and corresponding equipment changes that can be made to optimize cycling performance for women? Given these key differences in men and women, do the differences require different training plans, given similar race goals?

The majority of the webinar will be focused on optimizing bike fit for women and female physiology. How these factors tie into a successful training plan will also be included.


Hidden Dangers in a Growing Sport: Eating Disorders in Triathlon
with Ellen Pena Hart
Now Available on Demand

In this webinar presentation, learn to review the characteristics, warning signs and dangers of eating disorders, as well as mental and physical key identifiers for coaches and athletes to watch for. Ellen Hart will explain the effects of eating disorders on both health and performance, and why athletes with eating disorders may benefit from treatment. She will draw from her personal story of having suffered a debilitating eating disorder during her long distance running career, share her journey of recovery, and discuss her triathlon experience over the last seven years.

Certification Credit

This webinar series will not be eligible for CEU credit at this time.