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Note: Free webinars are not available for Continuing Education Units; rather, they are intended for educational purposes only.




FREE - Heart Health and
Endurance Sport
Dr. Larry Creswell, M.D.
Cardiac Surgeon /
Faculty, University of
Mississippi Medical Center

FREE - Paratriathlon 101
Amanda Duke
 USAT Paratriathlon
Program Manager

FREE - 5 Superfoods for
Faster Times
Dr. Josh Axe

FREE - Gatorade's
Sports Nutrition for the
Endurance Athlete -
Translating Science
to Practice
Matthew Pahnke
Scientist, Gatorade Sports
Science Institute 
 FREE - Bicycle Position Rules:
An Insider's Guide to a 
Complete Understanding of
the Cycling Rules
Charlie Crawford
USAT Commissioner of Officials

FREE - USA Triathlon's Women 
in Leadership Webinar Series 
Part 1: Communicating
Rose Snyder
Rose Snyder Consulting

FREE - USA Triathlon's Women 
in Leadership Webinar Series 
Part 2: Governance 101
Rose Snyder
Rose Snyder Consulting
FREE -  USA Triathlon's 
Women in Leadership Webinar 
Series Part 3: Volunteer
Rose Snyder
Rose Snyder Consulting
FREE -  USA Triathlon
and Timing
Meg Weagley
Samantha Mehner
Tyra Rose
USAT Staff


FREE - Racing Weight:
Performance Weight
Management for Triathletes

Matt Fitzgerald

Georgia Fear
FREE - Dynamic Stretching
for Increased Power and

Marc Perry
FREE - Positioned for Speed: 
The Foundations of 
Cycling Aerodynamics

Todd Carver


FREE - Running in Cold
Weather: Physical and
Practical Considerations

Jeff Horowitz           
FREE - Sports Nutrition for
Triathletes: Science-Based
Recommendations & 

Matthew Panke

Ben Collins
Professional Triathlete 
FREE - Splash and Dash
Brian D'Amico
USAT Youth Event &
Programming Manager

Boris Robinson
T3Multisports, LLC

Stephen Del Monte 
DelMoSports, Inc.
Part 1: ''Enhancing Athletic 
Performance by Focusing on 
Bi-Lateral Equivalency in Training'
Johnny Ross 

Jake Spivey
SportsCare & Rehabilitation

Part 2: ''Bilateral Equivalencie for
Triathletes: Key Focus Points
for Training and Tips on
Diagnosing and Tracking
Performance in Those Areas'

Rebecca Kurtz
Exercise Physiologist

Jake Spivey
SportsCare & Rehabilitation

Part 3: ''Bilateral Equivalence
for Triathletes: Mechanical
Assessments to Help 
with Performance'

Dr. Prak Bhakta
Doctorate of Chiropractic 

Sylvester Stemley
Master Trainer

Lee Webber
Triathlon Coach

Johnny Ross