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USA Triathlon Paratriathlon Webinar Series

Overview: The 2013 USA Triathlon Leadership Webinar Series conducted by leading experts in their respective fields offers themes of character development, teamwork, communication and team culture.

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This Online Educational Series Contains the Following Content:

Team Culture     


This webinar will offer the tools you need to intentionally expand both practical and physical teamwork elements for your team to be successful in sports and life. This webinar will highlight activities John Talley has executed with the Oklahoma State University football team that are useful for any age and teaches the valuable lesson of relying on each other and being a team player.


Those who have worked with high performing teams understand the power of synergy, interdependence, and mutual accountability in order to accomplish a purpose. In this webinar, Dr. Spence will offer an in-depth look and practical application for processes on establishing intentional leadership principles within your team. 


This is a must-attend webinar for coaches whose athletes are career professionals and working parents! Join Chris Carmichael, Founder and Head Coach of Carmichael Training Systems and author of “The Time-Crunched Triathlete” and “The Time-Crunched Cyclist”, to learn the keys to optimizing performance despite limited training time. Chris Carmichael developed the concepts and training programs in The Time-Crunched Athlete Series of books to specifically address the challenges – and leverage the opportunities – presented by today’s busy lifestyles. These innovative training ideas have enabled thousands of athletes to achieve goals they thought were beyond their reach, and they can help you lead your athletes back to their rightful position at the front of the pack.

During this webinar you’ll learn:

•the pros and cons of low-volume, high-intensity training for endurance athletes
•the rationale for leveraging high-intensity workouts with time-crunched athletes
•The scientific foundation for low-volume, high-intensity training plans
•why time-crunched athletes need to follow a time-crunched periodization plan
•competition techniques and strategies that enable time-crunched athletes to best utilize this unique type of fitness
•nutrition considerations for fueling time-crunched athletes and helping them stay lean

The 5 Selfs of Human Performance (only available in Series; no longer available as an individual webinar)

To quote baseball great Yogi Berra, 90% of the game is half-mental. The same can be said for human performance in a variety of endeavors including triathlon. This webinar addresses the mental side of the performance equation by describing the 5 Self’s of Human Performance: self-motivation, self-efficacy, self-esteem, self-confidence and self-discipline. As a result of this session, you will be able to describe the impact of each “self” on human performance. You will also be able to identify specific steps coaches and athletes can take to boost motivation, efficacy, esteem, confidence and discipline.


An important role of a leader is to create and foster a thriving leadership development culture for his/her team. Building this kind of culture produces growing leaders who embody their organization's values. Leaders who want to transform their organizational culture cannot have a meeting about it and post a new set of values on the wall. They must act the way they want their culture to be and show the way for others to follow. In this session, participants will learn best practices to build a healthy leadership development culture, and model values for teams to follow.

A recent survey of endurance coaches reported that 60% of coaches are doing it as a part-time business. Half of that group (30%) said that they have the goal of becoming a full-time coach. What is standing in the way of you taking the leap to make that happen? This webinar will address the common issues that coaches are facing while sitting on the fence of part-time vs. full-time coaching. 

What are the simple steps you can do to take it to the next level? If you are passionate about helping others and have always wanted to understand how to turn that passion and energy into a full-time lifestyle business, this is a webinar you will not want to miss.

Learn to create a sustainable coaching brand that sets you and your coaching business apart. In this webinar from 25 year veteran of marketing and communications Penny Hunter, you will hear proven techniques for building your brand; increasing your online presence; identifying your unique value proposition and communicating your brand effectively to potential coaching clients.


Social Media and Your Coaching Practice 

You probably already have a presence on Facebook and Twitter - but how does this impact your role as a coach?  Learn how to maximize social media to build your practice, avoid pitfalls that could put your brand in jeopardy and discover how to connect with clients through social networking.

Certification Credit

Upon completing the entire series (8 webinars) and CEU exams, USAT coaches are eligible to receive 8 CEUs.