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 FREE - USA Triathlon
and Timing
Meg Weagley,
Samantha Mehner,
Tyra Rose
USAT Staff

BUDGET: Cost-effective
Ways to Marketing
Your Event
Dave Schutz
Trinona Triathlon

Building Relationships
with Your Permitting
and Local Agencies
Penni Bengtson
Race Director
Committee Chair,
USA Triathlon

Business Principles to
Enhance Your Event
Production Now and
In the Future
Russ Pugh
Founder, Vineman Triathlon


Emergency Management
Plan Case Study:
Preparing for the Unexpected
Eric Sarno
Quad Cities Triathlon Race Director

 Event Partnerships:
Advice on Securing and
Managing Event Sponsors

Dan Carroll
High Five Events

Government Relations
for Triathlon
Amber Wasendorf
PFG Best

How to Successfully
Identify, Find and
Develop Sponsors
Bruce Dunn
All Sports Productions

Making Your Race
Accessible to
Triathletes with Disabilities
Keri Schindler

Race Directors and
Coaches: The
Symbiotic Relationship

Mike Groaning
Haka Multisport 

Recruiting, Managing
and Organizing Volunteers
Dan Carroll
 High Five Events

Starting and Growing
a Youth Multisport Event
Brian Lausch
Mini Cow Tri Club 


Stop Running Your Triathlon Business
like a Hobby – Run It
like a Business
Chris Bowerbank
Summit Event Management, LLC

There is No Off-Season
Jeff Henderson
One Million Revolutions

Ultimate Triathlon
Experience:  How to
Put on a Successful
Event at the Local Level
Beth Atnip
Mideast Multisport,
Endurance Coaching

FREE - Weathering the Storm:
A Look into Crisis Management
Brad Davison
Lone Star Timing

Building a Successful 
Relationship with Your Timer
Penni Bengtson
Race Director
Committee Chair,
USA Triathlon
Creating and Producing
a Super-Sprint Tri Series

John Murray
9-1-1: Preparing
for Emergencies at
Your Events

Jim Flint
The Evolution of
Endurance Events
Russ Pugh
Vineman Triathlon
Setting Up Your Medical Team
for a Long Course Event
Dr. Richard Izzo
TOUGHMAN Enterprises
Understanding How to
Work with Law Enforcement
Agencies: Coordinating with
Them as a Race Director
Fred Phillips
DLT Events
 Maximizing Paratriathlete
Presence at Your Race:
Best Practices to Create
and Implement a
Handler Program
Justin Model

Ensuring Athlete
Satisfaction and Retention

Tina Whiteford
I Tri Events, LLC
Using Athlete Feedback
to Build Your Brand
Ann Vidro