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Barefoot Running
for Triathletes

Bobby McGee
Bobby McGee
Endurance Sports

Become A Runner -
Triathlon Run
Technique & Feel

Bobby McGee
Bobby McGee
Endurance Sports

Jarrod Shoemaker
Endurance Shield

Building and Maintaining
Run Speed in Long
Course Triathlete

Jim Vance
Training Bible Coaching

Running Footwear: A
Critical Look at What
We Know About Footwear
and How to Select the
Best Fit for Your Athlete

Jay Dicharry
SPEED Performance Clinic


Building the Perfect Runner:
How Strength and Form
can Improve Your Performance

Jay Dicharry
SPEED Performance Clinic

Building Your Weakness:
The Run

Mark Allen | Luis Vargas

Run Mechanics

Jesse Kropelnicki
QT2 Systems

Tri Running: Evidenced
Based Assessment and
Intervention to Improve Your Run

Kari Brown Budde
The Ohio State University
Sports Medicine

 Improving Performance
from 5K to Marathon

Jeff Galloway

 The Triathlete's Running Trap:
A Scientific Look at
Running Injuries &
How to Overcome

Bruce Wilk
Insights into
Running Form &
Injury Rehabilitation

James Dunne
Kinetic Revolution  
 Race Recovery: A Structured
Way to Determine How
Soon You Can Race Again

Jeff Horowitz
Running Off the Bike

Gwen Jorgensen
3 Key Areas of Focus
for Improved Running Form

James Dunne
Kinetic Revolution 
 Full-Body Fitness
for Runners: How
Weekly Circuit
Workouts Can Help
You Run Longer, 
Stronger, Faster &
With Less Injury

Thad McLaurin