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Building Your Weakness -
The Swim
Mark Allen

Luis Vargas

Optimized Swim

Ken Axford
Peak Multisport

The 3 Most Important
Aspects of Swimming
Jim Vance
Training Bible Coaching

Coaching Fearful
Drew Surinsky
Nice Guy Training


Correct and Effective
Dry Land Swim
Steve Tarpinian
President, Total Training, Inc.

Open Water Swim
Tips for Newbies
and Veterans
Steve Tarpinian 
President, Total Training, Inc.

Swim Drills for
Beginner Swimmers
Lee Zohlman
BodyZen Enterprises

Swim Mechanics
Jesse Kropelnicki
QT2 Systems

Swim Technique for Triathlon 
Mark Allen

Luis Vargas

 Swim Training
with Power
Tim Crowley
TC2 Coaching
Head Coach
 Swim Workouts for
Speed and Efficiency
Lee Zohlman
BodyZen Enterprises

The Pyramid of Open
Water Swimming Success:
How to Properly Prepare
for Open Water Swimming
Steven Munatones

Secrets to Open Water
Swim Success
Catherine Vogt 
University of Southern
California, Asst. Coach
Building Effective
Swim Programs

Dave Burgess
Podium Training