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Team USA Webinar Series

Overview: The 2014 Team USA Webinar Series, exclusive to current Team USA members, offers discipline-specific techniques and programming education conducted by leading triathlon experts in their respective fields.

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*Six webinars: $99
*Eight webinars: $129.99

Webinars Offered

Race Against Age: Training the Masters+ Endurance Athlete for Peak Success
with Dave Scott and David Glover

In this special webinar on aging and the endurance athlete, 6x Ironman World Champion and Coach to World Champions Dave Scott (Age 58) and masters athlete and coach David Glover (age 41) explore the aging process and endurance training from the perspective of the endurance athlete. 

Whether you're a coach or a Masters+ (40 years or older) athlete yourself, you'll learn about the physiological changes as you age and the special training needs of the aging endurance athlete. Using real client examples, Dave and David will also discuss problem prone areas of training then share specific endurance and strength training workouts that that will allow you to continue to perform at your best and beat the RACE AGAINST AGE™.

10 Tips on Traveling to a Race
with Steve Tarpinian

Flying post 9/11 has been a whole new experience of waiting on lines, security checks and generally a stressful experience. Add to that going to an event and maybe traveling with your bike and you have a recipe for the kind of stress that can ruin a race or at the least severely diminish your enjoyment of it. This webinar can show you a few tips to take the bulk out of the stress of the experience and more than likely will save you money that will pay for this webinar many times over. Listen to Steve Tarpinian's lessons he learned the hard way by having flown to 100's of races and training camps all around the globe over the last 25 years. He will also entertain you with one or two stories from his event travels pre 9/11.

Balancing Work, Life & Triathlon
with Ben Greenfield

Discover from coach, athlete and family-man Ben Greenfield how to merge your love for the sport of triathlon with family, social obligations, friends, hobbies and other activities - without sacrificing your training or multisport success! You'll get the proper strategies, tips and tricks to help both you and any athletes or clients you coach, properly balance time and training.

Secrets to Open Water Swim Success
with Catherine Vogt

Whether you are a seasoned triathlete or a beginner, the swim portion of the race is always the hardest part to control. If you have confidence in the pool but lose technique upon entering the water, then learn tips and drills used by some of the best open water and pool swimmers as taught by renowned open water swim coachCatherine Vogt.  In this hour-long webinar, you will hear specific strategies successful pool swimmers use to reduce uncertainties in open water.  Plus, learn training ideas and practices that will have you paralleling in the pool what you may experience in open water racing.  Catherine will also offer detailed tips to coaches that will assist in minimizing efficiency challenges both in the pool AND open water, along with sharing stories from her tireless work with some of the best open water and pool athletes in the world.

In this webinar, you will gain:

• Techniques used by gold and silver Olympic medalists in the 10K race
• Strategies for mental and physical preparation for any race
• Training ideas and sets to incorporate into your pool and open water sessions

10 Simple Ways to Increase Cycling Power
with Dr. Tyrone Holmes

Increasing power on the bike can have a dramatic impact on triathlon performance. Increased power will lower bike split times, increase climbing ability on both long and short hills, and improve performance in windy conditions. The good news is that increasing power is a relatively simple process. This webinar will describe 10 training activities that will significantly boost cycling power and increase bike speed in a variety of cycling and multisport events.

Insights into Running Form and Injury Rehabilitation
with James Dunne

The majority of the overuse injuries seen in triathletes are in some way running related. There's no getting away from the attritional and demanding nature of running and its loading of the human body. Common injuries include 'Runners Knee', 'Shin Splints', Achilles Tendinopathy, ITB Syndrome and Plantar Fasciitis to name but a few... In this webinar, running expert James Dunne will discuss strategies any triathlete can use to reduce the risk of running related injury.  

This webinar will focus on the following:

- Running Form: beyond the foot strike and footwear debate

- Running Rehabilitation: A biomechanical approach to injury rehab

- Injury Prevention: Key routines to apply to your training to help avoid injury

PLUS, for just $30 more, also get...

Race Against Age: Training the Masters+ Endurance Athlete for Peak Success 
with Dave Scott and David Glover

Nutrition is confusing: Should I eat simple carbohydrates or not?  When is the best time to eat protein?  Is fat good for me?  How do I avoid putting on extra pounds over the holidays? So many questions!

This webinar will focus on 5 nutrition best practices that you (or your athletes if you're a coach) should incorporate into your daily eating routine.  Presenters will share research-backed nutrition recommendations and provide lists, tools and templates that you can use to improve your daily nutrition.

The 5 nutrition areas addressed: 
  • Judicious use of simple sugars, 
  • Importance of protein,
  • Choosing healthy fats,
  • Food timing and
  • Self accountability
Why attend this webinar? As a coach, you'll gain knowledge, resources and tools that you can use with your athletes.  As an athlete, you'll learn nutrition best practices that you can implement today.

Overcoming Health Obstacles: Learning to Be An Athlete Again
with Joella Baker

This webinar discussion will go in-depth into the individual plagued with an illness or disease and how they can still be an athlete.  Joella Baker, MPP will discuss the steps the athlete must take to realize where they are from a fitness standpoint, starting off easy, building up strength and signs to watch for to ensure athlete safety. This webinar will also delve into the mental aspects of handling the fatigue, pain and fear of starting an exercise program again.

As an individual living with Lupus, Asthma and Raynaud's, Joella Baker has firsthand information on the struggles she has gone through to race again and will share how racing ultimately made her stronger mentally and physically to deal with her illnesses as well as succeed in a sport she loves.

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