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An Aerobic Approach
to Training

Krista Austin
Performance &
Nutrition Coaching

Block Periodization:
Updated Science

Ryan Riell
Break Through Multisport

Brick Training
Melissa Mantak
The Empowered Athlete

Developing a Winning
Annual Training Plan 2012
Sharone Aharon
Well-Fit Triathlon Training


Single Sport Training
to Improve Your Weak Link
Tim Crowley
TC2 Coaching Head Coach

Dave Scott's Go Faster: The
Practical Application of
Exercise Physiology to
Maximize Your Triathlon
Dave Scott
Dave Scott, Inc.

David Glover
Author, Full Time & Sub-Nine:
Fitting Iron Distance Training into
Everyday Life

Effective and Efficient
Flexibility Training
for Triathletes
Steve Tarpinian
President, Total Training, Inc.

Heat Prep for Cold
Climate Athletes
Ben Greenfield
Ben Greenfield Fitness
 Hydration and Temperature
Regulation: Racing &
Training in Heat & Humidity
Ryan Riell
Break Through Multisport

Power-Based Workouts for
Early-Season Races
Thaddeus Wojcik
Principal, Wojcik Law Firm

Bob Russo

Maximize Your
Winter Training
Tim Crowley
TC2 Coaching Head Coach


Sequencing Workouts
Lee Zohlman
BodyZen Enterprises

Speed Based Training
Tim Crowley
TC2 Coaching Head Coach
The Quantification of Training
Load, Training Response and
the Effect on Performance
Ryan Riell
Break Through Multisport

The Transition Phase and
Out of Season Training
Ryan Riell
Break Through Multisport
Time Trialing
and Triathlon
Ryan Riell
Break Through Multisport

Timed Dose Intervals to
Increase Speed: Turning
the Tortoise into the Hare
Duston Morris
3 Sport Fitness

Training & Coaching
for Winter Triathlon
Tim Crowley
TC2 Coaching Head Coach
Training & Racing Demands of Draft Legal Racing
Ryan Riell
Break Through Multisport
Training with
Power-Power Basics
Angie Sturtevant
Specialists in Sports
Performance & Weight
Triathlon Race Secrets
from a Former US
Navy Rescue Swimmer
Alan Kipping-Ruane 
TriGuy Multisport Coaching
 Using Training Tools for
the Long Course Triathlete
Jim Vance
Training Bible Coaching
Warming Up for
Peak Performance
Justin Levine
California Fitness Academy,
Visalia Triathlon Club
Yoga & Triathlon
Sage Rountree
Happy Hips and
Knees: Prehab and
Rehab to Keep You
Training Pain-Free
Sage Rountree 
Cross Training Transfer
in Triathlon - The Science
Behind Training in
Swimming, Cycling
and Running
David Bentley
Exercise and Sport
Science Australia