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USA Triathlon is pleased to announce the launch of the Online Multisport Education Program which is a triathlon education program that provides information and resources on various multisport related topics.

Who:  USA Triathlon has worked with qualified presenters and coaches to develop this online educational program that targets new-to-beginner athletes, coaches, parents and teachers.

Goal: The goal of the program is to provide general triathlon resources online as an avenue for individuals to gain additional athlete and coaching information. Those not interested in pursuing a coaching certification, or want to get their foot in the door can gain valuable information through this online program in an easy and affordable manner. 

How: Individuals taking the program will earn a certificate of completion after meeting all program requirements and USAT coaches have the option to earn up to 10 Continuing Education Credits (CEUs).  

Topics and presenters include:

  • Exercise Physiology 101 with Krista Austin,
  • Program Design and Development with Justin Trolle,
  • Resistance Training for Triathletes with Bob Seebohar,
  • Mental Training for Triathletes with Hector Torres,
  • Nutrition Periodization and Fueling Made Easy with Jennifer Hutchison,
  • Swimming Smart with Derek Scheer,
  • Cycling for Triathlon with Ian Murray,
  • Running in Triathlon with Bobby McGee,
  • First Time Triathlete with Melissa Mantak, 
  • Structuring and Developing a Youth and Junior Tri Team with Jim Vance,
  • Rules Overview* with Charlie Crawford, and
  • NCAA* with Jess Luscinski.
*Rules Overview and NCAA are offered as free webinars only available in the Single Webinars section.

Cost : The cost of the program for USAT members is $150.00 which includes individual choice of five webinars out of a possible ten and the corresponding webinar exams (found at and the option to purchase additional topics at a highly discounted rate. Participants must earn a passing score of 70% or more to receive credit for an exam.

For complete program and presenter information, or to purchase the webinars, click here.