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September 2014 - Bill Bell

Name: Bill Bell
Category: Tri - 300
What is your occupation?
"At 91-years-old, I'm retired."
Tell us a little bit about your family:
"Margie, my wife of 66 years, passed away in January of 2013. We have three daughters and eight grandchildren and they all turned out great. Of the eight grand kids, three are married, but no great-grandchildren yet."
When did you begin you Multisport Career and what made you decide to start racing multisport Events?

"I started running marathons in 1975. I started doing triathlons in 1981 and did my first Kona Ironman in February 1982. That year they also had one in October and did it, too. I was never able to go out for sports in high school, since my Dad had died and we had a very tough time in the late 1930s. It was due to a stress test that showed a murmur in my heart and the Cardiologist suggested I jog three days a week. I started and found I loved running. His 13 words changed my life: 'I want you to jog three times a week for about 40 minutes.'"
What have you learned from your participation in multisport events?
"I never would accept the word 'can't.' I always felt that if you tried you could. Coming across that finish line at marathons and triathlons, really proved my point."
Has your participation in multisport events help you overcome and challenges?  If so, what?
"It certainly has. Just knowing that I could finish a marathon and then a triathlon, including Ironman and ultraman races proved that I could do it."
What is Something you can't race without?
"Knowing my wife was waiting for me at the finish line. Now, she is still there, but looking down instead of ahead."
Do you have a bucket list race? If so, what race?
"It used to be the Kona race, but age has put a stop to that."
What is one of your favorite race memories/experiences?
"Finishing my first Kona Ironman as well as my first Ultraman."
What is a goal you would like to accomplish one day?
"I believe I am already accomplishing it. Being 91 years old and still doing triathlons, in the USAT new age group of 90-94."