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July 2014 - Mandy Lovett

Name: Mandy Lovett
Category: Tri – 100
What is your occupation?
Tell us a little bit about your family:

Married to Brian, also a triathlete. Have two sons, Reid (6) and Graham (5).
When did you begin you multisport career and what made you decide to start racing multisport events?
My first triathlon was the summer before my freshman year of college (1992). I had been running to keep in shape during the off-season for swimming, and figured I had two of the three sports down. I cannot put a finger on what it was about triathlon that I found intriguing, but if memory serves, I do believe I was actually enticed by the black numbers on the arms. I thought the sport seemed fun, and that people who raced triathlons seemed tough, so I borrowed a bike from a neighbor, and a friend of my older brother's who had racing experience, and I was on my way. After my first season, which involved two local races, I was hooked.
What have you learned from your participation in multisport events?
There are far too many things I have learned from triathlon than I could possibly list. The ones that stand out right now are: few things feel as good as being fit or racing well; bringing a sense of calm and strength to a race, to my training, and, in fact, into life in general serves good outcomes; your body often tells you what it wants or what it needs if you listen closely -- cross training in at least three different disciplines tends to balance things out for me.
Has your participation in Multisport Events help you overcome and Challenges?  If so, what?
I live -- and race with, of course -- Type I diabetes. Interestingly, I did not have diabetes when I started racing; I was diagnosed in 1996, after three seasons of racing without it. So I cannot say that I began racing triathlons to conquer diabetes, but I have learned over the years that physical exercise and fitness is crucial to maintaining good blood sugar control. I believe that by training and racing with diabetes, I am working to sort of "overcome" diabetes on a daily basis.
What is something you can't race without?

My bike. Fits me like a glove.
Do you have a "Bucket List" race? If so, what race?

Not really -- there are races that sound intriguing to me, and I do get a chance to travel to races, but I enjoy racing locally.
What is one of your favorite race memories/experiences?
From my earlier career: qualifying for the US National Junior Team in 1994 at the Columbia Triathlon. I can remember several moments in that race, that day, as if it were last month. And then, of course, the resultant experience of being on the team, and the travel to the training camps and races that followed. One such race was a race in Murakami, Japan, which is an experience I will never forget. From the second half of my career: my race last year (2013) at Ironman Lake Placid. I did not set the world on fire or anything, but I had had a major diabetes disaster during my previous Ironman attempt, and was fighting the demons of that prior year's race. In 2013, the race just came together for me beautifully. I raced calmly and happily all day long, and just enjoyed every step of the way. That felt like a major success.
What is a goal you would like to accomplish one day?
To retire early. From work, not triathlon. Just kidding... sort of.