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October 2014 - Roger Brockenbrough

Name: Roger Brockenbrough
Category: Tri - 100
What is your occupation?

"I am a self-employed professional engineer."
Tell us a little bit about your family:
"My wife Nancy and I have four children: Roger, Elaine, Allan and John. John is the oldest and also a triathlete."
When did you begin your multisport career and what made you decide to start racing multisport events?
"I started in 1995 at the suggestion (prodding?) of my son John."
What have you learned from your participation in multisport events?
"I did not come from a sports background. I enjoyed learning to be competitive in all three sports. I learned how much fun it was to participate on a team (Team USA) and travel to many countries."
Has your participation in multisport events help you overcome and challenges?  If so, what?
"Overcoming the challenges of the sport itself was a big enough hurdle in itself. I did my first Ironman in Kona when I was 66 and got a tremendous rush from being able to finish the 140 miles with time to spare."
What is something you can't race without?
"I always carry an orange towel. The same one son John used as a beach towel when he was a kid.
Do you have a bucket-list race? If so, what race?
"Maybe St. Croix, The Beast."
What is one of your favorite race memories/experiences?

"It was in Montreal, the first time I won an age-group gold at a World Championships. I had to overtake about five guys on the run."
What is a goal you would like to accomplish one day?
"I would love to win another World Championships gold."