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August 2015 - Terry Hutchins

Name: Terry Hutchins
Category: 100 Triathlon
What is your occupation?
VP for Information Technologies and Administrative Services
When did you begin your Multisport Career and what made you decide to start racing multisport Events?
I had been running for 3+ years and had not been age group competitive. When I learned about a local canoeing triathlon I decided to register because I had been biking and canoeing from an early age. So my first multi-sport event was a bike(23 miles), canoe(4 miles) & run(7 miles) in September 1982 and I finished second in the 35 and under division. The second place finish hooked me and convinced me to do my first swimming triathlon swim(1 mile), bike(30 miles) & run(7 miles) in June 1983. Turns out I wasn't a very good swimmer.
What have you learned from your participation in Multisport Events?
I am convinced that the biking, swimming and weight lifting helped keep me injury free and allowed me to become a much faster runner on lower weekly run mileage than my running friends that weren't cross training.
Has your participation in Multisport Events help you overcome and Challenges?  If so, what?
I have now out lived 3 generations of men in my family. My grandfather died at age 48 of a heart attack. My father had his first heart attack at age 52. He survived and had by-pass surgery. He died 9 years later at 61 of a second heart attack. My younger brother passed a stress test at age 57 then died 6 months later of a heart attack. 10 years ago I had a computer tomography (CT ) scan done and it showed calcification in my left ventricle. I was told to find a cardiologist. After my brothers death my cardiologist performed a cardiac catheterization. I was told there was good news and bad news. The cardiologist shared that the left ventricle was 20% blocked; but the good news was he had never seen a left ventricle as large as mine.
What is Something you can't race without?
My light weight running shoes (currently Nike Lunar Racer)
Do you have a "Bucket List" race? If so, what race?
No bucket list race; have raced every event that I have been interested in. All though I would like to qualify at age group nationals this year for the 2015 race in Chicago.
What is one of your favorite race memories/experiences?
The events that I have trained for and raced with friends. Another one coming up 6/8/14 in Grand Rapids, MI.
What is a goal you would like to accomplish one day?
I want to still be participating in events for as long as I can.