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October 2015 - Jacqueline Yukawa

Name: Jacqueline Yukawa
Category:  100 Triathlons
What is your occupation?
Retired legal secretary/paralegal.
When did you begin your Multisport Career and what made you decide to start racing multisport Events?
My first multisport was a duathlon in 1986. My first tri was 1987. I was in a running club, and I was told biking is good for running. Then they said swimming was good for the upper body. Then I did a tri. I was very luck as my swim coach was a Pro at the time (Danny Banks, who had done Kona in 1985 or 86). He was very helpful and taught me a lot! My first IM was in 1992 in Roth Germany, where I got a Kona slot even though I was the last Women (2 men behind me). My first Nationals was in 1990 (qualified at Wildflower). My first Worlds was in 2010 in Budapest when I turned 60. Took me that long to get to Worlds but had done other Nationals. Since turning 60, I have been to the last five Worlds. Age has it’s advantages!
What have you learned from your participation in Multisport Events?
I have learned just to have fun, especially as I get older and slower! I was dead, dead last at Worlds in China. The bike next to me had a sign that read: TAIL
Has your participation in Multisport Events help you overcome and Challenges?  If so, what?
Oh absolutely; I was considered disabled through high school due to my scoliosis and enlarged heart. When I got to college, friends asked if I wanted to go skiing; there was no one to say No, so I went. I was told running was good for skiing, so I took up running. I knew to lift my running shoes since I had the shoes lifted all my life. I lifted my ski bindings, and I lift my cleats too.
What is Something you can't race without?
My water bottles with electrolytes. I even carry one when I run (because I am slow).
Do you have a "Bucket List" race? If so, what race?
Just to try to do Worlds every year.
What is one of your favorite race memories/experiences?
My Kona slot at my first IM. They kept calling my name, and I didn't even know why. One of the guys I went with said "Jackie, you are getting a roll down slot to Kona!" I said "what should I do?" He said, "Go get it!" Can you believe I was the last woman, 43 and got a Kona slot on my first IM??? Of course, there were only 93 women in the entire race!
What is a goal you would like to accomplish one day?
To do an olympic again within the time limit. My running is a shuffle, and a 10k takes me 1:30 at least!