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February 2015 - Jo Haubenreiser

Jo HaubenreiserName: Jo Haubenreiser
Category: Tri – 100
What is your occupation?
Health Care Administrator
Tell us a little bit about your family.
1 of 7 children; have a twin sister; parents deceased though siblings remain close those living is 7 different cities and 3 states ... we get together for holidays.
When did you begin your multisport career and what made you decide to start racing multisport events?
Began participating in 1985 as an alternative to simply running for fitness. Liked the friendliness of the competitors and overall healthy lifestyles.
What have you learned from your participation in multisport events?
There is always something else to learn and improve upon, regardless of your age or existing knowledge. It has also helped me stay relatively injury-free due to having alternatives to working out if a particular part of my body is aching. It is also something I can do for a lifetime.
Has your participation in multisport events helped you overcome any challenges? If so, what?
I had reconstructive surgery on my knee in the late '70s. With participation in multisport, I have been able to adjust training so as to prevent overly stressing my knee — the other sports — cycling for balanced strengthening and endurance; and swimming for flexibility — have kept my endurance career on track much longer than I had ever expected.
What is something you can't race without?
This question is rather obvious in regards to equipment, but the real thing that I need is support from family and friends.
Do you have a bucket list race? If so, what race?
Would love to race New Zealand or Australia — IRONMAN event ... the challenge is the training through the winter months in the U.S.
What is one of your favorite race memories/experiences?
Hawaii has always been special — every time. The other events I truly enjoyed were the national championships in Hilton Head back in the "early" days. Again, it's the people, the friendliness, the ageless joy of competing.
What is a goal you would like to accomplish one day?
My lifetime goal is the World Championship in Hawaii 10 times. Have made it eight times.