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Century Club Spotlight Archive

Name: Dave Robinette
Category: Tri – 200
What is your occupation?
Retired - former sales manager in the software industry.
Tell us a little bit about your family.
My daughter and son-in-law are very active and have done triathlons in the past. I have two granddaughters who are just learning to swim.
When did you begin your multisport career and what made you decide to start racing multisport events?
I did my first triathlon in 1981 at Washington Park in Denver. It was a mile swim, 25-mile bike and 10-mile run. I had sprained my ankle badly only a week before and had to tape it after the swim. I finished seventh overall out of about 300 and the triathlon bug bit.
What have you learned from your participation in multisport events?
To enjoy each race and to learn to deal with the inevitable injuries that occur in training. Also learned to value the wide variety of people that I've met, from backgrounds unlike mine, some who have dealt with major life challenges, and those who I compete with but consider to be friends.
Has your participation in multisport events help you overcome any challenges?  If so, what?

Just some injuries in training that wouldn't have occurred if I hadn't been pushing myself to get better.
What is something you can't race without?
Do you have a "bucket list" race? If so, what race?
No as I have done them all.
What is one of your favorite race memories/experiences?
Podium appearances at Ironman Kona and winning the ITU worlds for the first time.
What is a goal you would like to accomplish one day?

Cross the finish line together with each of my granddaughters as they finish their first triathlon.