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About the Duathlon Century Club

The Duathlon Century Club will be comprised of any USA Triathlon members that has completed 100 or more duathlons for as long as they have been competing.

Athletes will receive a reward from USA Triathlon after every 100 events. Athletes will be asked to provide USA Triathlon with their completed event names, dates and results. At each milestone, the athlete will be placed into that specific club (100 races, 200 races, 300 races, etc.) and rewarded with a gift from USA Triathlon.

  • Application must be submitted to USA Triathlon (USAT may perform random audits of these lists)
  • Only duathlon’s are eligible for inclusion into the Duathlon Century Club
  • Qualifying event must be an adult race
  • Athlete must be a USA Triathlon member at the time of submittal
  • Events must be completed (DNS, DNF, and DQ’s are not counted)

Join the Club

To be recognized in the USA Triathlon Duathlon Century Club, please email your name and list all completed races to

100 Duathlon Race Club

John Elliot

Wolf Hillesheim

Flip Lyle

Andrew Holton

Bruce Miller

Chris Peterson

Heidi Schmidt

Semola, John M.

Not pictured: James Girand, Mike McCarty

200 Duathlon Race Club

Richard Metzger