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Age Groupers Earn 27 Medals at Aquathlon World Championship in Mexico


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The United States edged host Mexico in the race for the most medals at the 2008 ITU Age Group Aquathlon World Championship in Monterrey, Mexico, on Sunday.

The U.S. team took home 27 medals compared to 22 for Mexico. The amazing statistic is that just 33 athletes were competing for the U.S. in the 2.5k run, 1k swim, 2.5k run event.

The medal totals included 12 gold, nine silver, and six bronze, with American athletes sweeping three age groups (Female 50-54, Male 50-54, and Male 60-64).

2008 U.S. Age Group Aquathlon World Championship Medalists


F35-39: Yvonne Beachley 44:30
F40-44: Maria Cimonetti 41:40
F45-49: Jennette Boakes 46:46
F50-54: Terry Latham 41:53
M50-54: Perry Toles 38:48
F55-59: Shelly Bloom 52:28
M55-59: Judge Jones 39:33
F60-64: Rosalind Jarrett 1:17:43
M60-64: William Cerny 40:38
F65-69: Sarah Ingersoll 1:27:32
M65-69: Gary Burnett 53:17
M70-74: Steve Schloss 1:02:36


F25-29: Kristen Kram 44:01
M25-29: Kerry Sullivan 35:48
F30-34 Jana Poscharsky 49:59
F40-44: Dana Gilchrist 46:29
M45-49: Robert Guidi 41:30
F50-54: Darcy La Fountain 42:13
M50-54: Mickey Syrop 44:22
M60-64: Terry Stegner 47:15
M70-74: Bob Owens 1:04:59


M18-19: Matthew Mosca 40:32
M35-39: Andrew Farrell 35:12
M45-49: Kevin Hoard 42:16
F50-54: Laura Clarke-Steffen 47:36
M50-54: Lamar Sepulveda 49:55
M60-64: Don Utsinger 47:41

See complete results for each age group.