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Qualifiers Set for 2009 Long Course Triathlon and Sprint Triathlon Worlds


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USA Triathlon is pleased to announce the remaining qualifiers for the 2009 ITU Long Course Triathlon World Championship and the 2009 ITU Sprint Distance World Championship.

Long Course Triathlon

Three qualifying events for 2009 Long Course Triathlon World Championship in Perth, Australia October 24-25, 2009

Qualification: 10 spots per age group- roll down to 14th place

USAT Long Course Triathlon National Championship
Oct. 18, 2008
Boulder City, NV

Qualification: 2 spots per age group- roll down to 5th place

Mooseman Triathlon
June 7, 2009
New Found Lake, NH

Qualification:  2 spots per age group- roll down to 5th place

CATS Iron MountainMan
Aug. 16, 2009
Arkadelphia, AR

**Note: The reason LC triathlon has more than 1 qualifier is because it is too short of notice for people who want to qualify for next years worlds to train with such a long distance.

***Note:For 2010 LC Triathlon Worlds, there will only be 1 qualifier

Sprint Distance Triathlon

Two qualifying events for 2009 Sprint World Championship in Gold Coast, Australia September 10, 2009

Qualification: highest to lowest finishers who indicate an interest by a stated deadline

USAT Age Group National Championship
Sept. 20, 2008
Portland, OR

Qualification: 10 spots per age group rolling down to 12th place

Pacific Coast Sprint Triathlon/Sprint National Championship
July 26, 2009
Newport Beach, CA

Process for Accepting your slot on Team USA 

  1. Athletes must finish in the respective place for their 2009 age group at selected qualifiers 
  2. USAT will follow up with an e-mail, within one week, instructing automatic qualifiers on how to accept their slot, pay and register for Team USA.
    ** Athletes must go to the designated registration link provided in the e-mail by the specified deadline to officially accept his/her slot on Team USA.
  3. Roll down athletes will also be e-mailed and informed of their position on the roll down list. If an athlete wishes to be considered for a slot on Team USA, he/she must respond to their roll down e-mail by the specified deadline expressing his/her intent to join the team.
  4. Any athlete who neglects to follow these instructions and does not meet the deadlines may face the consequences of losing his/her slot on Team USA.
  5. If a qualified athlete does not receive an e-mail (possibly due to spam protection or other technical difficulties), be sure to e-mail Team USA -
  6. Once an athlete has registered, paid, and received confirmation, he/she has officially accepted his/her slot on Team USA.