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Brian Fleischmann's finish at the Musselman ITU Continental Cup in Geneva, N.Y., was the highlight of his 2008 season.
Brian Fleischmann's finish at the Musselman ITU Continental Cup in Geneva, N.Y., was the highlight of his 2008 season.
photo: Jan Regan

Fleischmann Focused on Short-term


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Brian Fleischmann is in great position to earn a big payday at this weekend's San Francisco Triathlon at Treasure Island, the final race in the 2008 Haul to the Great Wall Elite Series. Currently in second place, Fleischmann will have to hold off challenges from Joe Umphenour and Ethan Brown to secure that spot.

Looking past this race, the 30-year-old Fleischmann is ready to put a challenging 2008 season behind him and turn his focus to a bit of downtime on the slopes, remodeling his new home, and finding the training keys that will aid in his continued development as a complete athlete.

We had a chance to talk with Brian about his 2008 season and his future in multisport.

What was 2008 like for you competitively?
The 2008 season thus far has been the most challenging season for me yet with Olympic Trials and a coaching change mid-season. 2008 did include an ITU Continental Cup win in Geneva, New York, a 4th at U.S. Olympic Trials and a 3rd at Boulder Peak, so there were some highlights. But I wanted to do better than that and I will be taking a moderate feeling of frustration into the offseason as I prepare for the 2009 season, which should keep the fire going strong. 

Did you see 2008 as a positive year in your development?
Yes, every year I learn a tremendous amount about myself, what I am capable of and about the sport in general. 

Where did you see you particularly improved?
Swimming, recovery and nutrition.

What was the highlight of your season? Winning my first ITU Continental Cup in Geneva, New York and giving everything I had to the 2008 Olympic Trials process. Although I fell short, I was able to step up my training and racing to a new level.

What is your focus going into San Francisco?
Be a bit more patient on the swim and the bike than I have been in the past. If I can successfully hold back just a bit I believe that I can run better than anyone in the field. 

How important is it that you finish high in the elite series rankings?
Being that I just purchased my first home, the pressure is on financially for me to continue on in this sport so finishing up well in the Haul to the Great Wall will help out with the mortgage. Other than financial reasons, I would not feel a great sense of accomplishment being that the series is named the "Haul to the Great Wall" and I did not represent the U.S. at the 2008 Olympic Games.

What are you focusing on in the offseason?
Relaxing and moving into my new home. 

Do you have anything fun planned to get away from the sport for a bit?
Yes, going to Home Depot on the weekend, and I will probably get up the mountains a few times for a little snowboard action.

How much time will you take off?
Two full weeks. 

What are your 2009 goals?
My first goal will be to become a better and stronger athlete in all three sports. I want to become a better runner off of the bike first and foremost and find the perfect median with riding well and running fast. 

What races are you focusing on?
I still have to finish this season off, but I have put a little thought into next season. If things go well early on and I am able to get fit by March, then I would like to do some early season half Ironmans to get the season rolling. For the middle of the season I would like to focus on the World Cup and improving my run. Also, I am throwing around the idea of taking one full week off in August after USAT Nationals so that I can finish the season off stronger than I have in the past.

Are you setting up a four-year plan that will prepare you for the London Olympics?
I do not believe in a four-year plan for triathlon or anything else for that matter. The bottom line is that I want to improve and if I can raise my game and carry momentum throughout this current Olympic quad, then I will be tough to beat in 2012.