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National Challenge Competition Brings Excitement, Interest to USAT Clubs


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The challenge was on for the third year, as USA Triathlon clubs got involved in the 2009 National Challenge Competition.

Fifty-nine USAT sanctioned clubs participated in the exhilarating off-season experience that measured and rewarded individual and club training mileage from December to February.

The competition once again featured three sessions: swim, bike and run. Clubs recorded their training miles and submitted them on the NCC website for automatic calculation and ranking. A total of 1,595 athletes recorded 769,398 miles during the competition.

The winning club for each session was determined by the most number of miles logged during that session for that month's discipline.

This season the Triathlon Club of San Diego (Calif.) captured the overall most combined miles (64,704.18 miles) followed by Hammerhead Triathlon Club of Jacksonville, Fla. (60,295.58 miles) and Alaska Tri Club Red Biting Bunnies of Anchorage (57,337.81 miles).

“The NCC keeps our club members motivated over the course of the season. There is a synergy about the competition with our club members and the Anchorage community. They really seemed to respond to it,” said Alaska Tri Club Red Biting Bunnies Club representative Rebecca McKee. “We have seen a huge increase in membership from this event. Some people think they can’t swim and end up completing a mile for this competition. There has been a positive response.”
On the individual side of the competition, Lori Glidden of the Alaska Tri Club Red Biting Bunnies captured the individual female standings with 5,479 miles. Jorge Marck of Tri ATX (Amarillo, Texas) claimed the individual male standings with 3,245.33 miles.

“We are really excited about how fast this competition is growing,” said Dave Christen, USAT operations manager. “This is a great opportunity for clubs to engage with one another during the slower part of the season. Moving forward for next year, we are looking into ways to improve the program and add more value to the clubs. Stay tuned.”

Several USAT partners sponsored the competition and provided prizes to the winning individuals and clubs. Special thanks goes to Hammer Nutrition, Rudy Project, Gatorade, Yankz!, FlexPower, Endurance Films, Halo Lane Gainer, Training Peaks, Zone Labs, and NuBound.

Swim Session Winners
Club 1: Alaska Tri Club Red Biting Bunnies (Anchorage, Alaska) 917.38
Club 2: Alaska Tri Club White Wabid Wabbits (Anchorage, Alaska) 891.98
Club 3: Triathlon Club of San Diego (Calif.) 856.04
Club Benchmark: Alaska Tri Red Biting Bunnies (500 miles by December 25)
Individual Male: Mike Plumb – Triathlon Club of San Diego (Calif.) 90
Individual Female: Jenny Birmelin – (F.A.S.T.) Ford Athletic Swim & Triathlon Club (Dearborn, Mich.) 108.57

Bike Session Winners
Club 1: Triathlon Club of San Diego (Calif.) 22,131.99
Club 2: Alaska Tri Club Red Biting Bunnies (Anchorage, Alaska) 21,488.88
Club 3: Hammerhead Triathlon (Jacksonville, Fla.) 18,201.13
Club Benchmark: Alaska Tri Club Red Biting Bunnies (1,000 miles by January 13)
Individual Male: Peter Ludwig (Team Mongo) 984.00
Individual Female: Lori Glidden (Alaska Tri Club Red Biting Bunnies) 1,421.50

Run Session Winners
Club 1: Hammerhead Triathlon Club (Jacksonville, Fla.) 5923.19
Club 2: Triathlon Club of San Diego (Calif.) 5113.79
Club 3: LA Tri Club (Calif.) 4318.89
Club Benchmark: Hammerhead Triathlon Club (2,500 miles by February 15)
Individual Male: Andrew Lockton – LA Tri Club (319.4)
Individual Female: Laurie Kearney – Triathlon Club of San Diego (289.2)

For complete NCC session and overall results, please visit