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Blog: Arriving in Richmond


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One of the great joys of travelling to events is seeing the town and meeting people. Here in Richmond I'm staying with a couple of friends of mine, Ken and Tracy. The were gracious to pick me up at the airport after a long day of travel. They even have a blossoming dogwood tree in the frontyard - something I was looking forward to.

Now I'm planning out tomorrow. I have two tasks: build my bike and check in. The bike build comes first as that will be my transport to the transition area. I mapped it out on my iPhone at 10.7 miles. There and back will be a good ride for tomorrow.

I plan on checking out the running courses while I'm out. I hope there's a place to stash my bike as I didn't bring a lock with me.  I'll take it easy tomorrow and try to stay cool -- perhaps doing a couple of harder efforts to open up for Sunday.

I hope everyone else's travels have gone well.  Any interesting travel stories to share?

If you want to learn more about Bradley, check out his personal blog at

Bradley Saul is a former professional cyclist who fell in love with duathlon last year. He competed at USAT Long Course Duathlon Nationals in Auburn, Calif., last year and he says he’s “been hooked ever since.”

The Sebastopol, Calif., resident is traveling to the East Coast this weekend to participate in Duathlon Nationals in Richmond, Va. We’ve asked him to give USAT daily updates for the rest of this week and through race weekend to provide an up close and personal perspective on the national championship experience.