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Collegiate National Championship


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LUBBOCK, Texas — The Lone Star State attracted the top collegiate athletes Saturday for the USA Triathlon Collegiate National Championship, where athletes battled chilly early conditions and a challenging bike course at Buffalo Springs Lake.

Both of last year’s winning teams repeated in 2009, where athletes again competed on an Olympic distance course.
UC Berkeley, led by male overall champion John Dahlz, edged Navy by one point to win the men’s team race. UC San Diego dominated on the women’s side with runner-up Colorado nearly 30 points back. Colorado’s Jessica Broderick was the individual winner of the women’s race.

Dahlz, who has battled back from injuries suffered in a recent cycling crash, finished with a time of 2:01:13. He was second out of the water with a 21:05 swim leg in 53-degree water. He posted the best bike leg among the leaders, averaging 24.4 mph and held his lead with a 10k run of 36:31. Derek Oskutis of Navy was closing on Dahlz thanks to a 34:14 run split.

“That was probably one of the hardest races I’ve ever done. Deceptively hilly. The swim was cold, the run was hot – it was a little bit of everything,” Dahlz said. “I couldn’t warm up for the swim. I swam as hard as I could to try and warm up. I got into a rhythm on the bike, but I was so cold. Right around mile 2 of the run I started overheating somehow. I just was trying to stay upright for the final 4 miles.”

Dahlz was one of many competitors afflicted by the conditions. A cool start to the day – 38 degrees when athletes were checking their bikes in the transition area before the sun came up – gave way to sunny skies and dry, warm air with temps rising into the low 70s.

Broderick, who said she is accustomed to training in cold water in Boulder, used a swim of 23:15, a bike leg of 1:11:36 and a run of 40:24 to hold off Ashley Morgan of Army, one of the pre-race favorites who shines on the bike and run.

“I gave everything I had on the run knowing that Ashley [Morgan] is a strong runner,” Broderick said. “I couldn’t have done it without my team here screaming for me – it was amazing.”

The event concluded with an awards ceremony at the host hotel.

Team spirit was on display all day as athletes remained at the venue to cheer teammates in later waves and friends in the Twenty-12 Talent ID races. Click here to read more about the Twenty-12 Race.

Collegiate National Championship

Results will be posted here: on Saturday evening.

Male Team Results

1. University of California-Berkeley 44
2. United States Naval Academy 45
3. United States Military Academy at West Point 76
4. University of Colorado-Boulder 93
5. Michigan State University 119

Female Team Results

1. University of California-San Diego 41
2. University of Colorado-Boulder 70
3. United States Naval Academy 76
4. University of California-Berkeley 93
5. United States Military Academy at West Point 103

Combined Team Results

1. United States Naval Academy
2. University of California-Berkeley
3. University of Colorado-Boulder
4. United States Military Academy at West Point
5. University of California-San Diego

Team Spirit Champion

University of Alabama

Female Overall Individual Collegiate National Champion

1. Jessica Broderick, CU 2:18:34
2. Ashley Morgan, Army 2:19:06
3. Julie Rechel, University of Richmond 2:20:00
4. Darlene Hunt, UCSD 2:20:49
5. Brittany Day, UCLA 2:22:03

Male Overall Individual Collegiate National Champion

1. John Dahlz, UC Berkeley 2:01:13
2. Derek Oskutis, Navy 2:01:33
3. Cedric Wane, CU 2:01:42
4. Nicholas Vandam, Army 2:02:02
5. Kenneth Rakestraw, UC Berkeley 2:02:28

Undergraduate Females

1. Broderick
2. Morgan
3. Rechel
4. Day
5. Kathrine Warren, Santa Barbara City College 2:22:40

Undergraduate Males

1. Dahlz
2. Oskutis
3. Wane
4. Vandam
5. Rakestraw

Graduate Females

1. Hunt
2. Alice Henriques, Columbia University 2:25:55
3. Katy Blakemore, Vanderbilt University 2:26:30
4. Ashley Walker, CU 2:27:35
5. Erin Anderson, University of Iowa 2:27:49

Graduate Males

1. Joe Munchak, Colorado State University 2:05:57
2. Steven Rosinski, Ohio State University 2:08:52
3. Timothy Ray, UCSD 2:10:17
4. Todd Darlington, CU 2:12:01
5. Brandon Basso, UC Berkeley 2:12:06

Collegiate Sprint Race

Full sprint results will be posted at when available.


1. Ashley Nice, CSU 1:32:55
2. Allison Chambers, UC Berkeley 1:34:41
3. Katelyn Schermerho, Michigan State 1:34:45
4. Charity Watson, Colorado 1:35:45
5. Samantha Sharp, UC Berkeley 1:36:36


1. Jake Johnson, Navy 1:17:37
2. Benjamin Drezek, North Texas 1:17:38
3. Kyle Mayo, Navy 1:17:48
4. Spencer Waters, Navy 1:18:48
5. Will Eggers, Army 1:20:02

Live Blog

USAT hosted a live blog for the Collegiate National Championship. Check it out here.

Photo Gallery

Photos from the event will be posted here.


The 2009 USAT Collegiate National Championships will debut ZumTri, a new way to view triathlon results. ZumTri is a web-based application that transforms chip timing results into interactive race visualizations. Click here for the ZumTri results for the 2009 USAT Collegiate National Championship.

For the first time, participants will be able watch a post-race, virtual replay of all participants on the race map. They can watch themselves compete against their friends, their division and all other athletes in the race.