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Pan American Games Women's Quotes


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Sarah Haskins
On the feeling of winning Pan Am Games gold:

It feels great. This was my last race of the season, so it’s awesome just to end on a high note. I felt good on the run. The swim was probably the hardest part. It was really, really hot in there. There’s a challenge in every situation. The bike and run were actually on the cooler side compared to what I was expecting, so that was nice.

Our goal was to really work together as a team, and we had many different scenarios on how to pull it together and I’m just so happy that it worked, most especially for Team USA over my individual goals.

On winning gold today after earning silver at the 2007 Pan Am Games:
It’s an awesome opportunity to be able to be back. I was going to race back in the summer and then our team kind of got switched around. I didn’t realize I was going to be here until three weeks ago. It’s just an awesome way to end the season. This is my seventh win this year. This is the most wins that I’ve had. I’m just so happy with my season to be injury free and just to be out there and feeling good.

On whether or not she was worried on the run with top runners behind her:
You never know how you’re going to feel on the run. And If I was not feeling so hot on the run I had a feeling I could need almost a three-minute lead. I wanted to keep going on the bike. We had different scenarios. The more of a lead we had, the better the possibility of Sara (McLarty) getting on the podium depending on how her run was going to go. We knew Gwen (Jorgensen) being such a strong runner, she could run up the podium and she just missed it. She had a fantastic fourth-place finish.

On earning a team spot for the U.S. for the 2012 London Olympic Games:
This pretty much locks us in. There’s absolutely no way we can lose our third spot, so that’s a nice feeling.

Sara McLarty
On Sarah Haskins’ win:

I’m proud of her. She is an athlete that gets up on race day and does what she has to do time after time after time. I’ll even find out later after a race that she was sick, she was injured. She beat us by [three] minutes. To be associated with Haskins is an honor.

On being selected to compete in the Pan Am Games:
It was an honor to get the phone call to come and represent. To have just this little part of something to do with the Olympics, I can’t even put it into words. I’m so proud of my girls.

Gwen Jorgensen
On making the move to fourth on the run:

I was definitely trying to push it from the start but I wasn’t going all out on the start. It was really hot and I was trying hard not to overheat. I had confidence that I could bridge up, but the last lap I just wasn’t able to.