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Purchase and View 41 Last-Chance Coaching Education Webinars Before Dec. 31


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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — Coaches and athletes have one final opportunity to purchase and view 41 informative USA Triathlon Coaching Education archived webinars, which will no longer be available for purchase as of Dec. 31.

Click here to purchase and view one of the archived webinars listed below:

• Making the Most Out of Your CompuTrainer Part 2 - Ryan Riell
• Coaching the Paratriathlete - Andy MacDonald
• Writing a Business Plan - Mike Ricci
• Cardiovascular Principles - Sally Edwards and Cindy Miller
• Terrain Training - Mark Allen and Luis Vargas
• Sport Performance & the Use of Legal Ergogenic Acids - Krista Austin
• Long Term Athlete Development - Krista Austin
• Understanding Limitations to Performance Part 2
• Single Sport Focus in Triathlon Training - Ryan Riell
• Ask the Sport Dietitian Part 1 - Bob Seebohar
• Ask a Sport Dietitian Part 2 - Bob Seebohar
• Principles of Interval Training - Stephen McGregor
• End of Year Evaluations: The Review Process - Justin Trolle
• Pre Season Planning: Strength, Balance & Base - Justin Trolle
• Appropriate Running Shoes for Youth and Juniors - Bobby McGee
• Triathlon Lifestyle: How to Manage Career, Family and Training - Ben Greenfield
• Overtraining: When Training Too Hard Becomes Harmful - Krista Austin
• Paratriathlon Classifications 101 - Julie O'Neill
• Managing Race Week with Grace, Humor and Focus - Sage Rountree
• Paratriathlon Classifications 2: Deeper Dive - Julie O'Neill
• Managing Your Physical, Mental & Emotional Energy to Maximize Performance -
Scott Schnitzspahn
• Developmental Ladder for Youth and Juniors - Jim Vance
• Introduction to Paratriathlon Training - Sergio Borges
• The Perfect Race Day - Sage Rountree
• Amputee Triathletes - Peter Harsch
• Starting and Running a Paratriathlon Club - Melissa Stockwell
• Youth Paratriathletes Part 1 - Beth Sanden and Kim White
• Experiences and Lessons Learned from an Ironman Athlete Part 1- Kelly Williamson
• Technology in Training - Justin Trolle
• Making Your Races Accessible to Paratriathletes - Keri Schnidler
• Introduction to Youth Multisport Coaching and Training - Duston Morris
• Youth Paratriathletes Part 2 - Beth Sanden and Kim White
• Hydration and Electrolyte Replacement for Long Course Triathletes - David Glover
• Experiences and Lessons Learned from an Ironman Athlete Part 2 - Kelly Williamson
• Crossing the Void - Making the Transition from Last Year to a Better Next Year -
David Glover
• End of Season Review - Justin Trolle
• Youth and Junior Training Design - Ryan Riell
• Stay on the Wheel: Cycling Tactics - Scott Schnitzspahn
• Sport Specific Competencies and Biomechanics for Youth - Duston Morris
• Coaching Toys - Alan Kipping-Ruane
• Using Social Media to Market Your Coaching Business - Tyrone Holmes

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