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The U.S. claimed 50 medals and 18 titles at ITU Cross Worlds (Kevin Cox/ITU).
photo: 2012 Getty Images

Americans Take 18 World Titles at Second ITU Cross Triathlon World Championships

U.S. athletes combine for 50 overall medals in Pelham, Ala.


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PELHAM, Ala. — Americans combined for 18 off-road triathlon world championship titles — and 50 overall medals — Saturday at the second ITU Cross Triathlon World Championships, held in conjunction with the XTERRA Southeast Championships, at Oak Mountain State Park.

Craig Evans (Hendersonville, Tenn.) was the top U.S. elite finisher, placing second to earn silver on the men's side in 2 hours, 12 minutes, 58 seconds on the 1,500-meter swim, 30-kilometer mountain bike, 10-kilometer trail run course. South Africa's Conrad Stoltz repeated as men's champion in 2:12:11. Evans, who was 10th a year ago at Cross Worlds in Extremadura, Spain, had the lead out of the swim, and rode in front of Stoltz for much of the bike. However, Stoltz made his winning push in the last 10 kilometers of the bike and held the lead the rest of the way.

Suzanne Snyder (Fredericksburg, Va.) was the top U.S. finisher on the women’s elite side, placing fourth in 2:29:14, just a second in front of U.S. teammate Shonny Vanlandingham (Durango, Colo.), who was fifth in 2:29:15. Great Britain’s Lesley Paterson surpassed Canada’s Melanie McQuaid on the run to lift the tape in 2:24:39.

In junior action, the U.S. placed three on the podium with Hannah Rae Finchamp (Altadena, Calif.) racing to the women’s world title in 1:00:15 on the 500m swim, 10k mountain bike, 5k trail run course. Jocelyn Vides (Reno, Nev.) was second on the women’s side in 1:04:01, while Robbie Deckard (Indianapolis, Ind.) grabbed third among the men in 57:38.

Larry Hicks (Pike Road, Ala.) won the paratriathlon TRI-5 off-road world title in 1:29:28.

On the age group side, Team USA combined for 16 world titles and 45 medals — 27 for the men and 18 for the women. Men’s 35-39 champion Fred Smith (Knoxville, Tenn.) recorded a time of 2:12:31 for the day’s top performance by an age-grouper. Brook Pace (Tallahassee, Fla.) finished in 2:40:35 to record the top time by a U.S. female age-grouper and placed second in the 30-34 age group. Age-groupers covered a 1,500m swim, 30k bike, 10k run course.

In all, 16 Americans claimed age group world titles in Pelham:
• Taylor Seavey (M20-24, Seattle, Wash.), 2:26:13
• John Reiker (M25-29, St. Charles, Ill.), 2:29:27
• Fred Smith (M35-39, Knoxville, Tenn.), 2:12:31
• Chris Scott (M40-44, Morrison, Ill.), 2:14:18
• Mimi Stockton (F40-44, Stevensville, Mich.), 2:43:12
• Mike Hebe (M45-49, New Cumberland, Pa.), 2:25:07
• Lori Goldweber (F45-49, Homewood, Ala.), 2:45:54
• Casey Fannin (M50-54, Birmingham, Ala.), 2:22:06
• Tamara Tabeek (F50-54, San Diego, Calif.), 2:42:19
• Tom Monica (M55-59, Thousand Oaks, Calif.), 2:32:32
• Lucia Colbert (F55-59, Cordova, Tenn.), 2:57:04
• David Rakita (M60-64, Durango, Colo.), 2:46:18
• Cindi Toepel (F60-64, Littleton, Colo.), 3:12:51
• Richard Wall (M65-69, Colorado Springs, Colo.), 3:21:54
• Charlotte Mahan (F65-69, Lenoir City, Tenn.), 5:04:03
• John Stover (M70-74, Jackson, Mich.), 3:36:19

Team USA for the second annual ITU Cross Triathlon World Championships was comprised of 240 age group athletes from 38 states ranging in age from 21-71. Team USA is comprised of the nation’s top amateur multisport athletes, who represent the U.S. at each ITU World Championship event. Visit for more on Team USA.

2012 ITU Cross Triathlon World Championships — Pelham, Ala.
Complete Results

Elite Men (1,500m swim, 30k mountain bike, 10k trail run)
1. Conrad Stoltz (RSA), 2:12:11
2. Craig Evans (Hendersonville, Tenn.), 2:12:58
3. Chris Legh (AUS), 2:14:11
4. Josiah Middaugh (Vail, Colo.), 2:15:47
6. Will Kelsay (Boulder, Colo.), 2:16:17
9. Branden Rakita (Colorado Springs, Colo.), 2:18:39
10. Cody Waite (Lakewood, Colo.), 2:20:32
12. Will Ross (Anchorage, Alaska), 2:21:17
15. Ryan DeCook (Washington, Mich.), 2:22:45
20. Patrick Valentine (Colorado Springs, Colo.), 2:33:24
21. Damian Gonzalez (Stockton, Calif.), 2:36:08

Elite Women (1,500m swim, 30k mountain bike, 10k trail run)
1. Lesley Paterson (GBR), 2:24:39
2. Melanie McQuaid (CAN), 2:27:15
3. Carla Van Huysteen (RSA), 2:28:34
4. Suzanne Snyder (Fredericksburg, Va.,), 2:29:14
5. Shonny Vanlandingham (Durango, Colo.), 2:29:15
8. Shae Vaughan (Austin, Texas), 2:33:27
11. Emma Garrard (Park City, Utah), 2:36:06
12. Sara Tarkington (Boulder, Colo.), 2:41:58
13. Heather Holmes (Atlanta, Ga.), 2:42:49
14. Kim Baugh (Colorado Springs, Colo.), 2:45:15
15. Caroline Colonna (Taos, N.M.), 2:46:41
18. Tamara Donaldson (Edwards, Colo.), 2:49:13
19. Courtenay Brown (Boulder, Colo.), 2:52:04

Junior Men (500m swim, 10k mountain bike, 5k trail run)
1. Bradley Schuit (RSA), 56:12     
2. Nicolas Alvarez Icaza (MEX), 57:19     
3. Robbie Deckard (Indianapolis, Ind.), 57:38

Junior Women (500m swim, 10k mountain bike, 5k trail run)
1. Hannah Rae Finchamp (Altadena, Calif.), 1:00:15      
2. Jocelyn Vides (Reno, Nev.), 1:04:01 
3. Charne Pinsloo (RSA), 1:09:43

Paratriathlon (500m swim, 10k mountain bike, 5k trail run)

1. Larry Hicks (Pike Road, Ala.), 1:29:28.

U.S. Age Group Medalists (1,500m swim, 30k mountain bike, 10k trail run)
Men’s 20-24

1. Taylor Seavey (Seattle, Wash.), 2:26:13
3. Ian King (Columbus, N.J.), 2:32:20
Men’s 25-29
1. John Reiker (St. Charles, Ill.), 2:29:27
2. Marcus DeBergh (Albany, N.Y.), 2:31:13
Women’s 25-29
2. Kristin Jo Markham (Collierville, Tenn.), 2:44:01
3. Robyn Reyes (Beaumont, Texas), 3:22:44
Men’s 30-34
2. Nicholas Goodman (Fountain Hills, Ariz.), 2:18:44
3. Michael Danish (Miami, Fla.), 2:19:41
Women’s 30-34
2. Brook Pace (Tallahassee, Fla.), 2:40:35
3. Kata Skaggs (Phoenix, Ariz.), 2:42:38
Men’s 35-39
1. Fred Smith (Knoxville, Tenn.), 2:12:31
2. Bryce Phinney (Tucson, Ariz.), 2:12:47
3. Daniel Kimball (Fort Mill, S.C.), 2:25:02
Women’s 35-39
2. Ashlie Angel (Durango, Colo.), 2:47:20
3. Amy Quinn (Pine Knoll Shores, N.C.), 2:52:36
Men’s 40-44
1. Chris Scott (Morrison, Ill.), 2:14:18
3. David Cloninger (Bend, Ore.), 2:19:09
Women’s 40-44
1. Mimi Stockton (Stevensville, Mich.), 2:43:12
2. La Kelly (Sedona, Ariz.), 2:58:14
3. Melissa Scott (Fort Lauderdale, Fla.), 2:58:42
Men’s 45-49
1. Mike Hebe (New Cumberland, Pa.), 2:25:07
2. Mark Rudder (Dunwoody, Ga.), 2:26:18
3. Tom Rosencrantz (Mill Valley, Calif.), 2:30:18
Women’s 45-49
1. Lori Goldweber (Homewood, Ala.), 2:45:54
2. Kathy Hudson (Highland Village, Texas), 2:48:41
3. Cheryl Stine (Bloomington, Ind.), 2:51:56
Men’s 50-54
1. Casey Fannin (Birmingham, Ala.), 2:22:06
2. Bruce Wilson (Temecula, Calif.), 2:35:59
3. Jack Haire (Gainesville, Ga.), 2:37:24
Women’s 50-54
1. Tamara Tabeek (San Diego, Calif.), 2:42:19
Men’s 55-59
1. Tom Monica (Thousand Oaks, Calif.), 2:32:32
2. Scott Ewing (Destin, Fla.), 2:36:39
3. John Royson (Albany, Calif.), 2:36:45
Women’s 55-59
1. Lucia Colbert (Cordova, Tenn.), 2:57:04
2. Annette MacNiven (Wainscott, N.Y.), 3:06:09
3. Barbara Peterson (Berkeley, Calif.), 3:07:11
Men’s 60-64
1. David Rakita (Durango, Colo.), 2:46:18
2. Tryg Fortun (Kenmore, Wash.), 2:46:20
3. James Dalton (Salem, Va.), 2:50:56
Women’s 60-64
1. Cindi Toepel (Littleton, Colo.), 3:12:51
Men’s 65-69
1. Richard Wall (Colorado Springs, Colo.), 3:21:54
2. Peter Lilley (Charlotte, N.C.), 3:40:01
3. Ronald Scranton (Tijeras, N.M.), 3:57:07
Women’s 65-69
1. Charlotte Mahan (Lenoir City, Tenn.), 5:04:03
Men’s 70-74
1. John Stover (Jackson, Mich.), 3:36:19

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