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Sarah Groff chats with the media Saturday in the mixed zone.

2012 Olympic Games Women’s Triathlon Post-Race Quotes


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Sarah Groff (Hanover, N.H.), Fourth Place
On moving to fourth late in the run:

“I knew that some would drop-off (on the run) and if I kept on going my pace maybe some more would come back to me and that’s exactly what happened. It’s just too bad that just one more couldn’t come back.
“They were busy kind of playing games, I think, and that’s where you keep a cool head and stick to your race plan. I know myself as an athlete; I had my race plan and doing surges on the run really wasn’t in it. I chipped away the pace and when you did big jumps it takes a little bit out of your legs, so I just tried to turn it up, turn up the volume a little bit.”
On whether or not she had a closing kick and her general reaction:  
“I looked (within myself for a kick), and it wasn’t there. That’s something I’m obviously going to have to work on for the future. I know the swim, I know I’m a decent cyclist, I know I’m a pretty good runner. My goal going into this race was just to be there with 1,000 meters to go. I was. You know, I’ve got to be proud of that. Fourth is the ‘worst’ position to be in but, at the end of the day, I’m an Olympian. I get to showcase this awesome sport to millions of people. I’m really proud to be on this team. Obviously it would have been better to come home with a medal, but I’m proud of the process and proud of our team.”  
On running over a Polish athlete on the bike:
“I had nowhere else to go. Either I crash or I ride over the girl lying in the middle of the road right in front of me. And I thought, as I was going over this poor girl, ‘I was going to go down.’ Maybe I’m much better on the bike than I realized, but I just kept on riding. It was unbelievable. I feel so bad for her but that’s the second high point of my race. Obviously the first high point was being in the mix for a medal and the second high point was staying upright.”
On the end of the run:
“If you don’t have a kick, you don’t have a kick. I didn’t have it. There’s nothing you can do at that point. I guess you hope that somebody blows up or falls or something but at the end of the day I did what I could. I put it all out there. Of course, it flashes through your mind: ‘Oh my goodness gracious, I just lost a medal.’”

Laura Bennett (Boulder, Colo.), 17th Place
On her race performance:

“I just don’t think I had the legs for it. I didn’t really feel great all day, to be honest, and I don’t really know why. It’s just some days you just don’t show up.”

On the short-lived breakaway out of the water and onto the bike:

“It was a little confusing coming out of the water. I didn’t realize our little front four-pack was the front pack. The crowds were so loud. On one of the calls out there, I thought they said 30 seconds down and I said, ‘Oh, my God.’ And then when we got out there it was us that were 30 seconds in front. The girls I was with, I’ve never really ridden with. It was definitely unexpected. I didn’t feel fantastic all day. You try and keep in touch with it all and figure out what you have, and that was all I had today.”
On whether of not her run suffered after breaking away on the bike early:
“There wasn’t anything that I thought was spot-on (about her performance). Maybe it’s time to move on to longer distances. I put a lot of focus on the bike in the event that we have a team trial breakaway. And maybe my run suffered a little bit, but I thought I could still run strong off the bike, and maybe I was wrong. I tried to execute what I had trained and to some degree I did. I’m not going to commit to not doing ITU anymore, because I love it.”

Gwen Jorgensen (Milwaukee, Wis.), 38th Place
On her flat tire on the third lap of the bike:

“I had a flat, so I had to stop and change it. I wasn’t in the front pack, anyway. I got a little flustered. It never happened to me before. You’ve got to be prepared for everything.”

On the Hyde Park venue and crowd support:
“It was awesome. You could hear people cheering all the way around and it was really awesome to have that many fans out cheering for us. This was really exciting and it makes me want to keep trying.”

On Sarah Groff’s fourth-place finish:
“We had Sarah so close. She got fourth. I don’t know how close she was, but it’s really good to be that close but hard to be off the medal stand.”