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Hunter Kemper chats with the media in the post-race mixed zone.

Hunter Kemper Olympic Games Post-Race Quotes


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Hunter Kemper (Colorado Springs, Colo.), 14th place
On what he was happy and wasn’t happy with the race:

“I wasn’t happy with the result that’s for sure. My overall place I wasn’t happy with. I had a good swim. I felt solid in the swim. I felt good on the bike. I was in good position most of the day. I had a poor T2. I really struggled coming in the last 400 meters. I was in good position with about a quarter mile to go and somehow ended up at the back coming off the bike, and that’s an important part of the race. Getting into T2 and then coming out I was way far back and that was it.”

On his run:
“My run just felt kind of uncomfortable the whole day. I never really felt like I was in rhythm.”

On the pace of the race:
“It was a quick pace. This sport is getting faster and faster. Alistair and Jonathan and Javier are the class of the sport. They’re really talented and they are amazing runners. I have to give it to them. I was expecting a fast pace, I just wasn’t expecting to run so slow myself.”

On his upcoming plans:
“Enjoy the rest of the Olympic Games. Support Team USA and be a part of it and really enjoy myself. My parents are here, my wife is here, my 5-year-old son is here. After that I’ll be at Hy-Vee competing for the biggest prize purse in the world in that triathlon Labor Day weekend and I’ll do the Life Time Fitness Toyota Series to finish that off as well.”

“This sport has given me so much. I’ve been very blessed to provide for my family and give back to them. It’s allowed myself to be a professional athlete. What better way to love what you do than to do a sport like triathlon.”

On being a four-time Olympian:
“There’s not many athletes that have done four Olympic Games. It’s myself and Simon Whitfield (on the men’s side). I think that’s something that we can be very proud of. He has two medals; I don’t have any, but I’m very proud to be a part of that company. It’s something that’s special to me and something that I’ll hold dear and take a lot of pride of in that.

“We’ll see what the future holds. I’m not going to say Rio is not a possibility. Maybe I’ll be that team tactician that other teams are starting to go towards. We have a lot of young kids coming up that are talented athletes, and I think I could be that veteran that helps them out along the way and maybe get that medal for Team USA but maybe not me individually.”

On the course:
“This course was great. The fans out there were great today; it was amazing. I just thought they were all cheering for me; I just assumed that. I didn’t know they were here for Alistair and Jonathan. (joking) It was great. I enjoyed myself.”