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2013 Duathlon National Championships
James Wood/USA Triathlon

Top Athletes Crowned National Duathlon Champions

Nearly 800 athletes chased national titles Saturday in standard- and sprint-distance events


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ORO VALLEY, Ariz. — Patrick Parish and Kathy Rakel captured the elite national titles on Saturday at USA Triathlon Duathlon National Championships, presented by Eric Burnett and Jennifer Scudiero were the top standard-distance age-groupers and Dan Grimm and Courtney Robles-Wiseman earned national titles in the sprint race.

Parish (Bloomington, Minn.) was the top finisher on the 5-kilometer run, 35-kilometer bike, 5-kilometer run course with a time of 1:25:44, and holds last year’s age-group national title.

“We were just dueling it out on the run. Shoulder to shoulder, bumping elbows. It was going to come down to who had it on that final uphill at the end,” said Parish, who placed six seconds ahead of Matthew Sheeks (Woodinville, Wash.).

eric burnett
Photo by: James Wood/USA Triathlon
Eric Burnett won the overall male standard-distance race on Saturday.
Jennifer Scudiero (Eagan, Minn.) finished 13th overall at the 2013 ITU Duathlon World Championship this August, and took the overall female lead for age-groupers in the standard-distance Duathlon National Championship with a time of 1:41:42. She was 40 seconds behind elite champion Kathy Rakel (Boulder, Colo.).

“The course and layout are challenging with the hills,” Scudiero said. “But I hammered the bike as hard as I could and hung on the best I could for the second run. I was thankful and happy to finish in first.”

In the sprint-distance national championship event, athletes enjoyed a fast, hard race. This was overall male winner Dan Grimm’s first duathlon.

“I got out pretty quick for the first run. Hung with the guys on the bike. Picked it up on the second run, taking the lead about three-fourths of a mile in, and just took it home for the win,” he said.

In the Paraduathlon National Championship, three champions were crowned in their respective categories: David Kyle (TRI-3, Athens, Ala.), Mike Wong (TRI-4, Chicago, Ill.) and Gerard Ah-Fook (PC Open, Tucson, Ariz.).

Duathlon Nationals was the sole qualifying event for the age-group 2014 Standard- and Sprint-Distance ITU Duathlon World Championships in Pontevedra, Spain, on May 31-June 1, 2014. The top 18 finishers in each age group, rolling down to 25th place, qualified for Team USA.

2013 USA Triathlon Duathlon National Championships — Click here for complete results

Elite Duathlon National Championships

5k run, 35k bike, 5k run

Elite Women
1. Kathy Rakel (Boulder, Colo.), 1:41:02
2. Rachel Chambers (Sarasota, Fla.), 1:44:44

Elite Men
1. Patrick Parish (Bloomington, Minn.), 1:25:44
2. Matthew Sheeks (Woodinville, Wash.), 1:25:50
3. Karl Bordine (Carlsbad, Calif.), 1:27:24
4. Luke McGuire (Tucson, Ariz.), 1:28:13
5. Jack Braconnier (Philadelphia, Penn.), 1:37:33

Standard-Distance National Championships
5k run, 35k bike, 5k run
Female Overall: Jennifer Scudiero (Eagan, Minn.), 1:41:42
Male Overall: Eric Burnett (Pasadena, Calif.), 1:26:10
Female Masters: Erica Ruge (Rhinebeck, N.Y.), 1:44:39
Male Masters: David Slavinski (Point Pleasant, N.J.), 1:26:47
Female Grand Masters: Ellen Hart (Denver, Colo.), 1:43:45
Male Grand Masters: Keith Woodward (Stowe, Vt.), 1:40:54
F17-19: Jennifer Rattray (Old Greenwich, Conn.), 2:11:14
M17-19: Alistair Eeckman (Berkeley, Calif.), 1:26:34
F20-24: Chelsea Vancott (Oceanside, Calif.), 1:57:02
M20-24: Jesse Dunn (Logan, Utah), 1:26:48
F25-29: Marisa Ryan (Durham, N.C.), 1:43:59
M25-29: Eric Burnett (Pasadena, Calif.), 1:26:09
F30-34: Jennifer Scudiero (Eagan, Minn.), 1:41:41
M30-34: Jason Atkinson (Alamogordo, N.M.), 1:35:13
F35-39: Brynje Enderle (Portland, Ore.), 1:41:54
M35-39: David Linder (West Chester, Penn.), 1:34:12
F40-44: Erica Ruge (Rhinebeck, N.Y.), 1:44:38
M40-44: David Slavinski (Point Pleasant, N.J.), 1:26:46
F45-49: Christine Grant (Gainesville, Ga.), 1:45:26
M45-49: Toby Freebourn (Tucson, Ariz.), 1:34:01
F50-54: Kirsten Chapman (Edmond, Okla.), 1:45:16
M50-54: Andy Ames (Boulder, Colo.), 1:30:15
F55-59: Ellen Hart (Denver, Colo.), 1:43:24
M55-59: David Burkhart (Brighton, Mich.), 1:33:47
F60-64: Betsy Henderson (Roanoke, Va.), 1:55:38
M60-64: Keith Woodward (Stowe, Vt.), 1:40:53
F65-69: Karin Bivens (Tucson, Ariz.), 2:23:33
M65-69: Kerry Mayer (Brookfield, Wis.), 1:45:06
M70-74: Roe Erlandson (Fitchburg, Wis.), 1:58:08
F75-79: Kay Martin (Phoenix, Ariz.), 3:15:14
M75-79: Donald Ardell (St. Petersburg, Fla.), 2:03:28
M80-84: Lyle Langlois (Phoenix, Ariz.), 3:22:23
M85-89: Robert Powers (White Bear Lake, Minn.), 3:44:32

Sprint-Distance National Champions
2.5k run, 17.5k bike, 2.5k run
Female Overall: Courtney Robles-Wiseman (Corona, Calif.), 50:26
Male Overall: Dan Grimm (Flagstaff, Ariz.), 45:00
Female Masters: Celia Dubey (Tarpon Springs, Fla.), 50:43
Male Masters: Stephen Dupree (Boulder, Colo.), 45:09
Female Grand Masters: Patty Peoples-Resh (Redlands, Calif.), 51:20
Male Grand Masters: David Morrow (Tarpon Springs, Fla.), 49:26
F15-19: Michelle Niebla (Nogales, Ariz.), 54:38
M15-19: Timothy Winslow (Elk Grove, Calif.), 45:27
F20-24: Jacque Povilaitis (Flagstaff, Ariz.), 54:35
M20-24: Dan Grimm (Flagstaff, Ariz.), 44:59
F25-29: Laurel Bale (Tucson, Ariz.), 59:53
M25-29: Michael Barney (Albuquerque, N.M.), 46:30
F30-34: Courtney Robles-Wiseman (Corona, Calif.), 50:25
M30-34: Michael Ashworth (Miami Beach, Fla.), 50:03
F35-39: Julia Purrington (Evergreen, Colo.), 52:16
M35-39: Brian Duff (Los Angeles, Calif.), 46:11
F40-44: Celia Dubey (Tarpon Springs, Fla.), 50:42
M40-44: Joe English (Hillsboro, Ore.), 46:19
F45-49: Janet Jarvits (Pasadena, Calif.), 57:04
M45-49: Stephen Dupree (Boulder, Colo.), 45:08
F50-54: Kristin Villopoto (Chapel Hill, N.C.), 52:59
M50-54: Bruce Balch (Las Vegas, N.V.), 46:39
F55-59: Patty Peoples-Resh (Redlands, Calif.), 51:19
M55-59: Tom Resh (Redlands, Calif.), 48:02
F60-64: Mary Nardo (Wilmington, Del.), 1:04:45
M60-64: David Morrow (Tarpon Springs, Fla.), 49:25
F65-69: Heysoon Lee (Morristown, N.J.), 1:08:19
M65-69: Terry Habecker (Ithaca, N.Y.), 54:48
F70-74: Frances Marquart (Roy, Wash.), 1:25:57
M70-74: Theodore Pierce (Poist Falls, Idaho), 1:10:22
F75-79: Margaret Bomberg (Chico, Calif.), 1:47:36
M75-79: John Elliott (Columbia, Md.), 1:08:42
M85-89: Edward Maruna (Arvada, Colo.), 1:35:00 

Paraduathlon National Champions:
MTRI-3: David Kyle (Athens, Ala.), 57:28
MTRI-4: Mike Wong (Chicago, Ill.), 52:59
PC Open: Gerard Ah-Fook (Tucson, Ariz.), 55:59

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