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junior elite camp

USA Triathlon Hosts Junior Elite Women’s Camp at Olympic Training Center


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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — USA Triathlon welcomed 14 top young women triathletes to the U.S. Olympic Training Center over the weekend to assist in their transition from Youth Elite to Junior Elite competition.

The athletes, ages 15 to 18, spent two and a half days learning and training alongside USA Triathlon’s top coaches and Olympians Gwen Jorgensen and Sarah Haskins.

“These young women are poised to have a breakthrough as they age up in their division,” said USA Triathlon Athlete Development Coordinator Steve Kelley. “For many of them, they’re doubling their race distance and going into a more competitive event. We’re trying to provide both a chance to learn from their peers and our coaches, and to motivate them to be excited about that opportunity and stick with it as we go into a new year.”

The weekend included swim, run and strength and conditioning sessions, as well as lessons on nutrition for female athletes, training and technique tips and a discussion about racing clean. The weekend also featured a great lineup of coaches including Bobby McGee, Nate Kortuem, Chris Baker, Sharon Osgood and Kathleen Johnston.

But the event wasn’t as much a training camp as it was a retreat.

“We want them to bond,” Kelley said. “We want them to have a female-centric environment where they feel comfortable asking questions: talk about nutrition, talk about training load, talk with elite athletes about their experiences choosing colleges and their relationships.”

Last year was the first-ever Junior Elite Women’s Camp, which proved that even in a short amount of time, the camp directors, coaches and Olympians could have a big influence on these young triathletes. Three of the athletes who attended in 2012 won world championships in 2013.

This year, triathletes traveled from all over the United States to participate in the action-filled camp.

“I think it’s really cool that we get to meet Olympic athletes and learn from them about the sport. Also talking to all the coaches. It’s just really cool to be here,” said 16-year-old Cierra DellaRova (Wake Forest, N.C.).

The young women were also excited about the opportunity to train with their peers and build lasting relationships.

2013 USA Triathlon Junior Elite Women’s Camp Roster:
Name (Age, State)
Nicole Chrzanowski (18, Georgia)
Cierra DellaRova (16, North Carolina)
Maria Grilliot (16, Ohio)
Teresa Groton (17, Virginia)
Emily Hughes (15, Tennessee)
Taylor Hughes (15, North Carolina)
Summer Kanstoroom (15, Florida)
Taylor Knibb (15, Washington, D.C.)
Lina Krueck (15, Colorado)
Rachel Mann (17, Illinois)
Katie Patrick (15, South Dakota)
Kyleigh Spearing (15, Illinois)
Jocelyn Vides (16, Nevada)
Aleena Villani (16, Wisconsin)

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