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Jordan Rapp
photo: ©2011 Rich Cruse | ITU

DJO Global/Compex Announces Sponsorship Agreement with Jordan Rapp


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DJO Global/Compex is proud to announce a multi-year sponsorship agreement with Jordan Rapp. “Rappstar” came into triathlon from a background that included rowing at Princeton University. He is a five-time Ironman Champion, a three-time Half Ironman champion, Leadman Epic Series winner and a former ITU World Long Course Champion. He has raised $160,000 for World Bicycle Relief, including donating his Specialized Shiv as part of his WBR fundraising efforts. Rapp is the CTO for
“Jordan is an exceptionally talented athlete and well known for his technical racing qualities,” said Ryan Dolan, Sales and Marketing Director for Compex. “In 2010, he survived an almost life-ending bicycle accident that cost him nearly a year of training and racing. Within time, he recuperated, went back to Ironman Arizona and placed fourth after winning the year before.  That resiliency and drive makes Jordan one of the sport's most inspiring athletes and we are happy to have him as part of the DJO Global/Compex team.”
"I'm tremendously excited to work with Compex and the entire DJO Global family this year," Rapp said. DJO Global has a long history of providing the best tools in the world to everyone from elite athletes to the weekend warrior. Unlike the rehabilitative products DJO Global makes, Compex is a tool that can keep you at your best. Very quickly, I found Compex to be a useful addition to my training toolkit. I've have experienced the best results using Compex to target, activate and exercise small but critical muscles that get overworked by the repetitive stress of endurance training, and overpowered by larger muscles compensating as fatigue sets in. But these small muscles play an important role in performing optimally, and it's a huge asset to be able to use Compex to 'bring them back to life' after a tough training session. I ran a lot of miles this winter, and Compex was awesome for helping to keep everything firing.”