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USA Triathlon Seeking Draft Legal Coaches


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Dear USAT Certified Coach,

USA Triathlon is looking for a select few candidates who see themselves as becoming the next generation of high performance draft legal triathlon coaches. Coaches who can identify, select and develop suitable athletes from the greatest gene pool on the planet and turn them into World Championship and Olympic gold medal winners.
Such a coach must be currently involved full-time with a daily performance environment, or be looking to do so. The coaches we require will have to travel extensively in pursuit of the environments conducive to the highest level of draft legal triathlon performance and have their movements governed by the demands of the current Continental Cup, World Cup and World Triathlon Series circuits. Successful coaches must be able to arrange for themselves and their athletes to be fully immersed in such an environment for the majority of the year. In a very brief period such a coach needs to be involved almost exclusively with draft legal triathlon and triathletes.
The ideal coach will not only need the pre-requisite draft legal coaching skills, but the people, managerial, organizational, business, financial, marketing and leadership skills to run an ongoing, long-term high performance professional team environment under the auspices and rules of USAT and the ITU.
This is an exceptional opportunity offering extremely exciting and unique challenges to the highly motivated and energetic individual who has the ultimate can-do attitude.

While only experience in the specific field can provide complete preparation, this process will provide the coach candidate with an in-depth, real-world, hands-on, fully practical insight into the requirements and demands of such a position. USAT will provide a no holds barred, totally transparent look at the world of the draft legal athlete and their coaching inside an actual functioning training environment. While USAT provides plenty of opportunities for training in the theory of draft legal racing; this is much, much more.
This opportunity will allow for:

  • Interaction with some of the best draft legal triathlon minds we currently have in the USA.
  • Observation of the daily performance draft legal coaching process.
  • Observe and interact with athletes on the job/training.
  • Opportunity to reaffirm coaching strengths, discover weaknesses and find pathways to address these.
  • Participate in the coaching process
The idea is to allow USAT to observe the candidate coach as a prospective resource at the highest coaching level and at the same time allow the prospective or current coach to determine if this process is something they truly aspire to as a vocation/full-time opportunity.
USAT is committed to regaining its position as one of the sports super powers. To do so we must do everything in our power to maximize a coach driven, athlete centered approach. Talented athletes alone will not bring medals. Without the necessary coaches to bring these to full bloom on the world stage such talent will and has gone to waste.
If this is a career path that lights you up, put your name in the hat and let the selection process begin.
Program Details
This unique program is being held Nov.17-22, 2014 in Scottsdale, Ariz. Please only apply if you can attend the whole week.
Pre-Course Preparation
USAT Draft Legal Coach Immersion Agenda
Complete the following and email to Ellis Schieman at, Coaching Specialty Manager, or, Coach Development Senior Manager. 
  1. Name:
  2. Email and Phone Number:
  3. Experience:
  4. USAT Coaching Certifications:
  5. Primary reason for wanting to participate:
  6. Out of 10, (10 being strongest), how high would you rate the likelihood of you pursuing a draft legal coaching career pathway even before attending this mentorship program?
Application deadline is September 22, 2014. Applicants will be notified the status of their application by October 3, 2014. Accepted coaches are responsible for all travel, hotel, ground transportation and meal expenses. Coaches will earn 10 CEUs for completion of the program. A current background check with NCSI must be completed prior to attending the program. 

Thank you,

USAT Coaching Education