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gwen jorgensen
photo: ITU/Janos Schmidt

2014 ITU World Triathlon Grand Final Profile: No. 1-Ranked Gwen Jorgensen


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Topping the Threadneedle ITU World Triathlon Series rankings, U.S. National Team member and Olympian Gwen Jorgensen talks about her record-breaking season and how she’s prepared for the 2014 ITU World Triathlon Grand Final in Edmonton.

On her four consecutive WTS wins in Yokohama, London, Chicago and Hamburg
They’re never easy, I can tell you that. Each race this year that I’ve won has been difficult in different ways. The one that I was probably most happy with was my race in either Yokohama or London. I had really good swims, was in the front bike pack and had an excellent run as well. It’s nice when I’m able to execute on all three: the swim, the bike and the run.

On strategy for the Grand Final
Swim fast, bike fast, run fast. We do things in training to meet the demands of competition. Just show up on race day, doing what we’ve done in training — and have fun.  

On the mental side of preparing for Edmonton
That’s where I’m lucky that I have such a great support crew. At the end of the day, it’s just another race and it’s what I train to do. We have been training really hard all year and it’s exciting to be able to go out there and show everyone what we’ve been working on.

On U.S. women ranking No. 1 and 2 in the world
It’s incredible. I think it shows how much support, time and energy USA Triathlon is putting into their athletes and really try to improve and become competitive on the world level.

On training with coach Jamie Turner
Jamie handles his athletes in a way that everyone is able to push each other, get along, work together and really make the whole group better. It’s been incredible to have this daily performance environment where every day I’m with my peers who I compete against. It’s nice to have those people to kind of compare yourself and also push yourself. Somebody is always going to be having a good day. You’re always going to have someone there who is going to push you to make you better.

On preparing for Rio 2016
When I first joined with Jamie, I told him what my goal was, which was to get to Rio and win gold at Rio. Since 2012, we’ve been on this four-year plan of how to become the best athlete that I can be and be the best on that day in Rio in about two years now. That’s what the goal is and what we’re continuing to work at.

On what’s next after the Grand Final
After this I fly home to St. Paul, Minnesota. The day we arrive, it’ll be eight months to the day since we’ve been home. So it will be nice to be back and get some quality time in with family and friends. Take some time off, relax and have my wedding — we’re getting married Oct. 4, so I’m really excited.

The elite women’s race will take place on Saturday, Aug. 30 at noon MT in Edmonton, Alberta. Find coverage of all Grand Final and World Championships events on