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Meet the Team: Behind the Scenes of NC State Triathlon


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Our athletes that are attending USA Triathlon Collegiate National Championships are not your average cookie-cutter athletes. These 10 individuals are completely different, yet are all joined by their passion for the sport. Here is a deeper look into the Tri-Hards at NCSU.

ncsu triathlon

Michael Lindler: Lindler is our prez, and he has done 21 triathlons thus far, keeping a spreadsheet with all of his data. He is a dual major in chemical engineering and Spanish literature, and commutes literally everywhere on his bike. He started doing triathlon because he doesn’t have enough focus for just one activity. He loves this club because everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, so nobody gets put down for not being “good enough” when we work together. We are a very supportive group with a focus on helping everyone improve and enjoy themselves. He had to learn how to cook when he started tri-ing because it gets expensive to live off of frozen pizzas and Moe’s burritos when an athlete needs to eat a million calories on the daily.

ncsu triathlon

Charlie Lambrecht: Charlie is our VP, and has done a dozen or so races. He is an economics major and owns our club ride, a giant white Chevrolet Astro van. He has a true passion for triathlon, and he loves his Cervelo more than life itself. When somebody new joins the team, it is Charlie’s kindness that pulls in our new members. He is one of the elite racers on our team with a fast swim, faster bike and fabulous run. On weekends after races, he may or may not sell candy out of his big white van …

Stacy Rudolf: While pursuing her undergraduate degree in Michigan, Stacy decided she needed a hobby, so she signed up for an Ironman. After she survived, she was hooked. She is a grad student in textile chemistry, and she thinks our team is the best looking team at NCSU. She loved triathlon because it was a high-intensity sport that would still allow her to rehab a knee. The greatest part about joining our club for Stacy was that we opened her up to the world of Cookout Milkshakes. She has done around 10 triathlons, and she has really awesome calves.

Robert Maughan: Robert is a nutrition major at State, and he is a lifeguard at our school aquatic center. We never have to worry about drowning with him on our team. He has done many races of all sorts and sizes, and is trying to qualify for a Kona spot in the upcoming years. He started triathlon because he got hurt running and needed something new. He loves our team because we are really good at training (and at drinking).

Nate Fryer: While watching the highlights of IM Kona one year, Nate decided that this would be a fun sport to tri. He has done 11 races thus far, and is graduating this year from Naval ROTC with a degree in international studies with a concentration in the Middle East. The crazy, silly underclassmen on our team have stolen his heart, and caused him to fall in love with our team. Triathlon has helped him learn his limits, and exceed them.

ncsu triathlonMaddy Gaffaney: Maddy has been doing races since she was around 11 years old, and has done too many to count. She is a biology major and a sophomore. She started doing triathlons because of her mom. Her mom had started her up with triathlons for kids, and she has helped train and motivate her daughter ever since. Maddy loves our team because even though we all work at different skill levels, are in different majors and have completely different personalities, we all come together and work to motivate each other and train as a team. Our teams allows her to be her crazy, beautiful self, and she considers joining the best thing she did as a freshman because now she is able to work out with her friends. A quote: “Our team is the best. But that’s obvious.”

Michael Conlon: Michael is a freshman at NCSU and has become a wonderful part of our team. His specialty is running, as he was a cross-country runner before college. He is very excited to be joining his amazing team on this journey to Tempe.

Jordan Manoukian: Jordan is a French exchange student at our school. He is a business major, and has a very foreign sense of humor. He deeply loves this team and this sport, even though he has only been a part of it since January. He is here to push and reach his limits amongst other elite athletes. Collegiate Nationals will be his first race! He is excited for a beautiful competition with the best team ever.

Hannah Field: Hannah joined our club to tri something new. Nationals will be her third race, and her first Olympic distance. She loves our team because we are a family, and we push each other through every workout, even on the hard days. She is a sophomore in applied nutrition, and has proclaimed that triathletes are pretty much the greatest people in the world.

Julianna Falzon: I am a sophomore in mechanical engineering, and Nationals will be my sixth race. I joined triathlon because I wanted to change my life, but I had no idea how addicted I would be to the sport. I love my team because of everything you have read in this post. We are athletes of all different levels, experiences, and backgrounds. Despite this, we have come together to experience this sport together. This individual sport has now become a family sport for me, and my triathlon family is the best part about my college career.

A word from our coach:

"I came to coach NC State wanting to build this team up and to race as a complete team. Our journey to Tempe is a great step in that direction and the hard work and dedication this team has accomplished is great to see. I'm proud of this team and can't wait to see what we do in Tempe." – Brooks Doughtie