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Florida Regional Council Minutes


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Minutes of the Meeting of the USAT Florida Region Council

May 18, 2011 at 7:00pm, Conference Call

Purpose: To discuss updates with each committee and the state of the Florida Region

Chair: Hector Torres


  • Kameel Abdurrahman
  • Carl Allison
  • Kellee Burke
  • Dave Deschenes
  • Linden Fenton
  • (Brian Harrington)
  • (Gerard Hubbard)
  • Jennifer Hutchison
  • John Jones
  • Phillip Newman
  • Thomas Reilly
  • Chris San Agustin
  • David Schofield
  • Hector Torres

(  ) indicates absent member, *absent at end of call 

The following are the minutes of the meeting, which will be considered approved and final if attendee comments are not received by Chris T. San Agustin within one week from the date listed above. 

Meeting called to order at 7:01 pm by Hector Torres

  1. Pending Items/Previous Meeting:
    1. Hector sent out Conflict of Interest Form
    2. Proposed dates for RD meeting: October or November, 2011. MOTION by Hector to also recruit Gerard to help nail down a date
    3.  In-person Regional Council Meeting on October  8
    4. Application for Council Seats…Candidates who need to apply by 07/01/11
      1. Chris San Agustin
      2. Dave Deschenes
      3. Carl Allison
      4. Philip Newman
      5. John Jones
      6. Linden Fenton
    5. Creation of Twitter Account for Florida Region, on Hold because of change in contact at National Office, Jamie Ransom is in charge of Website info for media
    6. Hector to have met with the Tampa VA and consult with Dave Deschenes for upcoming Paratri clinics. July 9th, another clinic that is cycling specific: Racing 101, intro, maintenance, training, Dave Deschenes will also attend and he will recruit coaches, Conference Call on Friday the 20th with Tammy  at the VA
    7. Top  100 Athletes Shirts had been sent out the weekend of 04/23/11
  2. Officer Reports
    1. Treasurer: Kameel Abdurrahman via Hector Torres
      1. As of 05/18/11: $18,507.07
      2. Balance Sheet standard/Expenses to date: $8,027.51
    2. Committee Reviews
      1. RADC: Jennifer Hutchison
        1. 3rd race of Talent ID Series: Crystal River
        2. Morton Plant Mease = Junior Regional Championships
          1. Council to help promote/market via FB, Clubs, flyers, etc. MOTION to email clubs, put info up on Facebook, hand out flyers by pertinent Council members
        3. F1 Race, July 23, Saturday = Carl stated that sanctioning paperwork is submitted, also a draft legal race, held in conjunction with Top Gun Youth Tri
      2. RYDC: Dave Deschenes
        1. 5 Race Youth Scholarship Series
          1. CFL Kids Tri with 61
          2. First Coast Kids with 1200 total athletes
          3. Mad Beach Mini ~300
          4. Youth Regional Champs: Sebring
        2. Kids Clinic in Orlando this past weekend with Florida 70.3
        3. Point system to determine rankings
        4. MOTION by Hector to include a “Rankings” link on our Regional page at USAT or Facebook
      3. ROC: Thomas Reilly
        1. Thanks to John for posting info for Certification Clinics
      4. Collegiate Commissioner: David Schofield
        1. 42 at Clermont
        2. 16 at Nationals
        3. Tri Gator Caitlyn Shiver: 1st overall Female at Nationals
        4. On CBS Sports, check local listings
        5. Added a Conference Director: Jeff Fitzgerald
        6. Gather Feedback to plan for Fall or Next Season
        7. New Facebook page
        8. Banner and awards given out
      5. Club Liaison: Chris San Agustin
        1. 57 Clubs listed in USAT Official Club Roster
        2. Carl: Further meetings
          1. Sarasota Storm, June 22
          2. Tampa Bay Tri Gals, all women
          3. Team Psych, applied for and received a grant
          4. Re-invited to TriLewis
        3. For 2012, Florida Club Race Series (FloRCS), end with Club Regional Championships in June (Select races March through September?)
          1. Possible Races to be selected by Regional Council
            1. February: Waldo, Club Med, Chilly Willy
            2. March: MIT, Great Clermont, YTS
            3. April: Multirace, Ron Jon, Nautica, Escapt to Ft. DeSoto
            4. May: St. Anthony’s, Mad Dogs, Tri Miami
            5. June: Florida Challenge, Heartland, Mack Cycle, Morton Plant Mease
            6. July: Siesta Key, Top Gun, Huntington’s Disease
            7. August: Miami Speed, H.O.T.
            8. September: Club Med/ Beach blast, Escape to Miami
          2. Scoring per rules used by the Southeast Region as example
          3. Prizes: Monetary, Computrainer
        4. Club Regional Championship
          1. Motion for Chris to help write the MOU
        5. Club Membership Drive Competition: September to December 2011
          1. Prizes? Monetary
          2. MOTION by Hector
      6. Membership Drives: Kellee Burke
        1. St. Anthony’s Recap: Hector, Kelle, Philip, Thomas, Dave, John
          1. Banners, membership drive
          2. Several annual memberships
        2. Special Qualifier/Tri Miami Recap: John Jones, Thomas
          1. Two banners were brought down, but minimally used
          2. Commercial advertising limitation at Crandon
          3. No announcements made as a “Special Qualifier”
          4. MOTION by John Jones to talk to Rob Childers about these issues
        3. June
          1. Sebring Heartland
          2. Jax Tri Series/Paratri Champs: Linden, Hector
          3. Morton Plant Mease, Philip and Carl to attend Saturday
      7. Coaches Liaison: John Jones
        1. Details on Coaches’ info
        2. ~100 with no response back
      8. Race Director Liaison: Linden Fenton
      9. Paratriathlete Coordinator: Dave Deschenes and Thomas Reilly
        1. Conference call with Tammy
        2. Email blast through CAF
        3. Regional Champs in Jax
      10. New Business
        1. Paratri Regional Champs TBD at Friday’s conference call with VA
        2. MOUs
          1. On hold for now
          2. Task force by National office to select races without consultation of the Region
          3. National Office Criteria is that RD has to be a USAT RD
          4. Bids for 2012 have to be sent out in July 2011
        3. June 30 for Top Gun Race
      11. Next conference call:  Wednesday, June 22, at 7:00pm
      12. MOTION made by John Jones to adjourn at 8:09 pm. Seconded and passed UNANIMOUSLY.

Submitted by Chris T. San Agustin, 05/18/11


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