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2013 Paratriathlon Florida Region Travel Grant Information


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USA Triathlon Florida Region Paratriathlon Development

Travel Grant Program and Application

Purpose: The purpose of this program is to provide financial support to offset reasonable, actual, and necessary expenses associated with participation by regional paratriathletes in the USA Triathlon Paratriathlon national Championship, USAT Paratriathlon Race Series, USAT Para-athlete Development Camps, and ITU World Championships. USAT Florida Region may award up to three (3) $200 grants per calendar year.

Deadline: October 15, 2013

Evaluation Criteria: Applications will be evaluated based on (1) athlete’s eligibility, (2) athlete’s preparedness and appropriateness of the event for which the grant is requested, and (3) statement of financial need. Where more than 4 otherwise-qualified athletes apply for a grant, they will be ranked first and foremost according to financial need. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Eligibility: Athlete must be a Paratriathlete and/or classified within the  Tri 1 – 6 of the grant year and permanent resident in the USAT Florida Region. Athlete must be qualified for the event for which he/she is requesting funds. Athlete is eligible for one (1) grant per calendar year, with the exception of the ITU World Championships, which may be funded as a second grant within the same calendar year if the athlete qualifies. Reimbursement: All grants will be in the form of reimbursement of reasonable, actual, and necessary expenses incurred by the athlete (not by parents, coach or family members) to participate in the event for which the grant was awarded. Reimbursement amount may not exceed actual expenses incurred for the athlete to participate in the event. Allowed expenses include: coach cabin airfare, coaching fees at the event, bike transport fees, ground transportation, race entry fee and meals not to exceed $40 on any given day. A signed expense report (obtained from the Regional Paratriathlon Development Coordinator) with ORIGINAL receipts must be submitted within 30 days of completion of the event. Finally, a complete post-race report (a personal evaluation also obtained from the Paratriathlon Development Coordinator) must be submitted within 30 days of completion of the event.

How to Apply:

Complete the Application Form (next page) Attach a statement of financial need (approximately 200 words) E-mail all documents to Hector Torres – Chair/Paratriathlon Program Coordinator

Document: Grant13 (click to download PDF)- Please complete application.

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