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2013 Paratriathlon Program Grant Information


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The purpose of the paratriathlon program grant is to support programming designed to grow the sport of paratriathlon.  Grant amounts will be determined based upon the overall quality of the event as it pertains to promoting the sport of paratriathlon.

Please note the grant standards set forth below: 

  • Purpose- The event must promote awareness, understanding, growth, or safety for the sport of paratriathlon. Possible events include pre-race clinics, workshops, community/public sport programs, or camps that address the needs of paratriathletes. In the case that a single event is not wholly paratriathlon-specific, grant money may be used to offset costs associated with that portion of the event that is associated with paratriathlon (e.g. travel expenses for presenters, mailing expenses, training materials related to this segment, other expenses as justified by the event coordinator/director).
  • Qualifications of Presenter- Individuals presenting information on safety and/or competitive rules must be a USA Triathlon Certified Coach, Certified Official, Certified Race Director or USAT Annual member. Other credentials may be considered if none of these resources is available for the event.
  • Eligibility of Events- Grants will be awarded based upon how clearly the program meets USA Paratriathlon objectives of promoting and sustaining the sport of paratriathlon in the United States. 
  • Sustainability- Where grant applications request funds for clinics, camps, and other training events, information on how efforts will be sustained with local resources to support athletes after the event must be included in the application. 
  • Matching funding – Though not required, strong applications should demonstrate the ability to match funds awarded by USA Paratriathlon with other funding sources, i.e. “How will a donation of x dollars from USA Paratriathlon be matched with x dollars?”  Consideration will be given to relatively novel clubs, events, or programs that may initially lack the resources to effectively award-match. 
  • Award amounts -  Grant awards will be $500 - $1,000.  Awards may be used to fund events in the 2013 and 2014 calendar years and may be applied to events that have already taken place.   
  • Administration-
    1. Typewritten applications should be submitted to Amanda Duke ( before 5 p.m. PST on September 15, 2013.  The paratriathlon committee will review all grant applications during a conference call on September 30th, and applicants will be notified about application status by October 4th.  Pending receipt of a W-9, funds will be disbursed on October 11th
  1. Grant recipients are required to provide evidence that the event took place in accordance with the requirements of the grant; such evidence includes at least a summary of the program. Event administrators are also required to provide a survey to participants to
  2. evaluate their satisfaction with the event and its impact on them. A summary of the event, including survey results and an updated discussion on planned sustainability efforts, must be submitted to the USA Paratriathlon Committee Chair within 9 months of the event OR before submission of the next grant request (whichever comes sooner).   
  • Eligibility- Failure to use the funds within the stipulated timeframe (i.e., 2013 or 2014 calendar years) or for the purposes outlined in the original grant application will result in grant ineligibility for a minimum of one grant cycle. 

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