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Hunter Kemper and Manuel Huerta in their Closing Ceremony gear.

Olympic Blog: London, U.S. Triathletes Looking Sharp


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LONDON — After beating the rush at Heathrow this morning — a 5:45 a.m. arrival tends to make that an easy feat. I fought off the urge to nap and went for a run around Hyde Park, eventually finding my way onto part of the 10k triathlon run course.

It’s hard to believe it was a year ago that Gwen Jorgensen and Sarah Groff locked up their London 2012 spots on the same path around The Serpentine. Today, Hyde Park was still most certainly in park mode with scores of swimmers, bikers and runners enjoying a warm summer day.

With just over a week until the women’s race, the venue is taking shape nicely. The bleachers are in place, as is the pontoon for the swim start. The Olympic rings hang from a bridge at the far end of the swim course. The set-up is essentially the same as last year’s test event, but on a larger scale.

Three members of the 2012 U.S. Olympic Team also landed in London today in advance of Friday’s Opening Ceremony. Manuel Huerta, Gwen Jorgensen and Hunter Kemper went through U.S. team processing where they received enough gear to stock a small sporting goods store.

All three took their official Olympic Games headshots and were sized for Olympic rings and watches before being fitted with the Team USA uniforms for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. Today was the final day of formal team processing for the U.S. athletes, and any necessary alterations will be made before tomorrow’s Opening Ceremony.

To wrap things, up each athlete received two rolling bags full of Team USA logoed gear, picked out a pair of sunglasses and tried on the apparel they will wear if they end up where they all aspire to be on race day — the podium.

Tomorrow will feature training in the morning, followed by an afternoon media session at the Main Press Center. Then, the 2012 Olympic Games will officially kick off at 9 p.m. local time with an Opening Ceremony that will be seen by millions across the globe.

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