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Team Manager Jonathan Hall
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Olympic Blog: Jonathan Hall


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USA Triathlon Performance Leader Jonathan Hall is the Team Manager for the U.S. Olympic Triathlon Team. He joined the USA Triathlon staff in February and is working his first Olympic Games as a member of Team USA after working previously with Triathlon Australia. Throughout the course of the Olympic Games, you'll hear from the staff and athletes of the U.S. Olympic Triathlon Team here at

LONDON — My first few months at USA Triathlon have gone really well. With the team here in London, I’m playing a role that would traditionally be called a head coach role. That means taking a position of seeing things from afar as opposed to the athletes’ personal coaches. It allows the personal coaches to work really close to their athletes, and my job is about gathering information on other federations.

Having viewed all the races this year and having viewed all the races for the last 10 years, I try to put that knowledge into place and make sure that A) the athletes are ready to go and stick to their plans, and B) they’re best equipped heading into the race, and, specifically on race day, they’re prepared to handle whatever unfolds during the race.

It’s an overseeing role; it’s a decision-making role at times and it’s role to make sure that the athletes and their coaches, who have worked very hard over four years, walk away on August 4 and August 7 looking back knowing that they did everything that they could and the results will be what they be.

Playing this role at an event like the Olympic Games is a mixture of a great honor and a great responsibility. Having competed as an athlete, I find it really simple. I know who it’s about, and it’s about the athletes. I feel this huge responsibility to make sure that when the athletes look back at the 2012 Olympics they look back at it with fond memories having achieved the absolute maximum they can. That’s quite a weight on your shoulders because they are all incredibly talented, and I’ve got the charge of finding that extra 2 percent, which is very difficult at this stage.

I’ll be honest, it’s strange at times to look in the mirror and see a different uniform. But at the end of the day the role I’m playing now and the role I’ve played in the past with other national federations is exactly the same — It’s to help some very talented athletes find that little more in pursuit of their Olympic dream.

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