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Wetsuit Rules


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Wetsuit legal races should be aware of the following most commonly asked questions asked by triathletes. USA Triathlon recommends all race directors post the below link for the benefit of their athletes:

What is USA Triathlon’s new wetsuit rule?
Article 4.4 Wetsuits of the USA Triathlon Competitive Rules states: “Effective January 1, 2013, any swimmer wearing a wetsuit with a thickness measured in any part greater than five millimeters shall be disqualified.”

When will the rule go into effect?
The rule will be enforced beginning January 1, 2013.

How will the rule be enforced?
Over the next two-plus years, USA Triathlon will work diligently to educate its members, officials and race directors about the changes to the wetsuit rule and how it will be enforced.

Does USA Triathlon have a list of wetsuits that will be acceptable under the new rule and a list of those that will not be acceptable?
USA Triathlon does not have a list of acceptable wetsuits or wetsuits that would be in violation of this rule in 2013. Members are encouraged to contact the manufacturer and get assurance that the model they own or that they are considering purchasing meets the 5-millimeter limitation.

How do I know what thickness my current suit is?
Members are encouraged to contact the manufacturer of their wetsuit for information regarding its thickness.

I bought my wetsuit some time ago, and the manufacturer’s website for the current model states it does not exceed five millimeters. How will I find out if my older model does or does not exceed five millimeters?
Members are encouraged to contact the manufacturer of their wetsuit for information regarding its thickness.

Why doesn't USA Triathlon follow ITU rules for water temperature?
USA Triathlon water temperature limits were based upon scientific, peer-reviewed research performed in 1994. USAT is currently negotiating a new study to determine if temperature standards need to be changed or remain the same.

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