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Acts Warranting Suspension


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USA Triathlon take violations incredibly seriously, and will suspend athletes who break these below rules. Race directors should be aware of penalties and suspensions for violated rules:

3.8 Acts Warranting Suspension. In addition to other penalties which may be imposed at the discretion of USA Triathlon, the following acts may be grounds for suspension for a period of time designated by USA Triathlon.

a. A flagrant or willful violation of the Competitive Rules;

b. Gross or continued unsportsmanlike conduct;

c. Physical violence directed toward a race official, participant, volunteer, spectator, or other person;

d. Any fraudulent act, such as falsifying name or age, filing a false affidavit or protest, or providing false information to USA Triathlon, the Board of Hearings and Appeals, or race officials;

e. Intentionally participating in an event despite failure to register;

f. Repetitive or recurring violations of the Competitive Rules;

g. Failure to notify a race official after withdrawing from a race;

h. Violation of the Medical Control Rules as set forth in Article VIII;

i. Refusal to abide by the final determination by USA Triathlon of any matter relating to these Rules or the sport of triathlon; and

j. Any act which disgraces or brings discredit to the sport of triathlon.

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