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Mullica Hill Women’s Triathlon Club
Mullica Hill, NJ

Colleen at

Queen of the Hill Triathlon, June 29, 2013
Mid Atlantic Region Womens Commission Queen of the Hill race

Now in its third year, Queen of the Hill Triathlon in Mullica Hill, NJ has grown each year and the 2013 race had over 300 participants. Presented by the Mullica Hill Women’s Triathlon Club (MHWTC), the annual local race has had participants from New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania and New York.

Mid Atlantic Region Womens Commission Queen of the Hill raceFormed in February 2010 with less than 100 members, MHWTC, currently has more than 600 members ranging in age from 18-63, with an average age of 35-52.  MHWTC has been extremely successful in empowering its members through athleticism and creating a mutually supportive atmosphere. Group training sessions, nutrition seminars, and sports clinics are among the events MHWTC has organized in the past to help women in their quest to complete a triathlon.

MHWTC noticed that in addition to the many women who overcame their own nerves about racing a triathlon, the race provided firsthand experience and education for all those who volunteered their time or supported the participants as they swam, biked and ran. 

The race has grown mainly by word of mouth from friends and family who have competed the last two years, women who have volunteered or women who simply cheered on their family and friends.  The race has helped the club increase their membership and the numbers of women in the region exposed to the sport of triathlon.  This event not only encourages club members and local residents who have not yet done so to participate in their first triathlon, but also helps to inspire and encourage those who have already participated in a triathlon to participate in multiple events this season.