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Junior Talent ID Series

May 4 - TriZou, Mo.

June 22 - Copper Creek, Iowa

June 28 - MinneMan, Minn.

July 19 - The Outland Challenge, S.D.

July 27 - Nebraska Games, Neb.

The purpose of the USAT Talent ID Series is to provide a gateway to the Athlete Development Pipeline for novice teen-aged athletes.  The Series also encourages more head‐to‐head racing opportunities for teenage athletes ages 15-19 years old from our 8 State region.

The series consists of up to (5) independently produced, owned and operated, short course triathlons ‐ referred to as "stages". All stages are located in the Midwest Region of USA Triathlon, which includes Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, North Dakota, Wisconsin and South Dakota.

Age Groups:
The recommended age group for the Series is 15 to 19 years of age.  The overall Series winner will receive a championship award and be recognized at the Eligible Athletes: Male and Female athletes between the ages of 15 and 19 (Age as of December 31, 2014)

USAT Rules Non-Drafting:
Events will follow USA Triathlon age group, non-drafting rules.  Series participants will start together in the same wave, to be designated by the Event Director.  Athletes who do not start in the designated series or junior wave are not eligible to earn series points or series awards for that stage.  Bike Set-up: The optimal bicycle set-up for junior athletes is a traditional “road” bicycle with drop-style handlebars, as opposed to a “tri” bike with aero bars.

Points System:
Points will be awarded to Eligible Athletes finish in the 1st through 10th place in the male and female, under 19 divisions of each stage.  To calculate Series standings, an athlete’s best four (4) results will be used.  When calculating the final standings for the overall series championship, in the event of a tie between two or more athletes, each head-to-head match-up will be reviewed and the winner of the greater number of said match-ups will be recognized as the winner.  If athletes did not race head-to-head, the athlete who raced the finale will win.  Series ties will only be broken for the top 5 overall places in the Series.
























11th +


Point bonuses will be awarded to a U19 athlete that finishes on the overall podium.  The points are as follows:  1st Overall gets an extra 20 points, 2nd gets 15 and 3rd gets 10.

Stage Cancellation:
If a stage of the series is cancelled due to weather or other circumstances, no points will be awarded for that stage.  If the stage is rescheduled on the same weekend (e.g. Saturday race moved to Sunday), points will be awarded.  A stage that is shortened to a duathlon (run/bike or run/bike/run) will award points, however a stage shortened to a run-only event will not award points.  Cancellation or shortening of the stage is at the sole discretion of the Event Director.

Field Limits:
Series events are independently owned and operated by different race organizers.  Event Directors reserve the right to limit the number of participants in their event for safety and logistics reasons.  Participation in previous stages of this series DOES NOT guarantee entry into subsequent stages.  It is in the athlete’s best interest to register in advance for ALL races in which they plan to participate.  We have selected only the highest quality events for this series and many of them will sell out early.

Race Selection:
All events will use the sprint distance, non-drafting format.  All events must be USAT sanctioned.  Preference should be given to events that are USAT officiated.  Events should have a minimal overlap with the regional school calendar (i.e. June-August).

For more information contact:
Jenny Weber, RD, LD
USAT II, Youth and Junior Coach
Midwest Region Athlete Development Coordinator

Read More about the USA Triathlon Junior Elites by clicking HERE.

2014 Collegiate Grants

The Midwest Region of USA Triathlon is pleased to announce the inauguration of its Collegiate Team Travel Grant Program. The grants are intended to help collegiate teams increase their capacity to travel to conference races which are geographically dispersed across the Midwest Collegiate Triathlon Conference (MWCTC).
The program provides three grants of $500 and three grants of $250 to MWCTC teams in order to help subsidize racing at a Midwest collegiate conference race. The size of the award ($500 or $250) will be determined solely by the number of athletes a team is willing to commit to bring to a race. Teams committing to 4-8 athletes will be eligible for the smaller award ($250), and teams committing to bring over eight athletes will be eligible for the larger award ($500). Each team may only apply for one award.
Download the application here (PDF)
Applications must be submitted on or prior to June 15, 2014.

Email completed applications to Jessica Finlay, the MWCTC Commissioner, at

2014 Youth/Junior Grants

The Midwest Region of USA Triathlon is pleased to again announce its 2014 Youth and Junior Travel Grant Program, intended to offset expenses associated with participation by regional youth and juniors in the USAT Youth Elite or Junior Elite Cups, USAT Athlete Development Camps, ITU World Championships or other USAT sanctioned camps or events. 

These grants (up to $200 per recipient) are available to Junior and youth USAT members from the Midwest Region.  Athletes race age 13 to 19 are eligible to apply. Grant applications can be found HERE and will be evaluated based upon need, first and foremost, but also athletic performance and scholarship. 

Applications for the 2014 season MUST BE SUBMITTED BY JUNE 1, 2014. 

A subset of these grants is intended for triathletes who are new to youth and junior USAT triathlon racing.  Recipients of travel grants in prior years are eligible to apply, however preference will be given by the Grants Committee to first-time recipients.  Questions may be directed to the Midwest Regional Athlete Development Coordinator, Jenny Weber, at

2014 Paratriathlon Grants

Purpose: The USA Triathlon Midwest Regional Council acknowledges the extraordinary effort and unique expenses that paratriathletes incur in order to pursue their passion for the multisport lifestyle and to compete to the best of their ability.

This program is designed to provide financial support to paratriathletes who desire to participate in the USAT Midwest Region Paratriathlon Regional Championships, USAT Paratriathlon National Championships, National Junior Disability Championships, USAT Certified Paratriathlon-friendly Races, USAT-sanctioned camps, clinics, or events, Elite Paratriathlon Training Camps, and ITU World Paratriathlon Events, and USAT or ITU Classification opportunities.

Grants: The USAT Midwest Regional Council will offer four travel grants in the amount up to $250 each. These funds may be used for travel-related expenses such as transportation, fuel, lodging, and/or registration fees. 

Download the application here (PDF)

All applications must be received on or prior to August 15, 2014 by email.

Questions may be directed to the USAT Midwest Region Paratriathlon Representative, Colin Grove, at

Development Camps

Camp Director: Jenny Weber, USAT Level 2 Coach, Youth/Junior Certified, RADC-Midwest

Select Camps serve USAT's more experienced, competitive junior athletes. Proficiency in draft-legal racing is the focus of these camps, although the core skills apply to drafting and non-drafting races alike. Athletes spend time honing race tactics, improving their transitions, and mastering bike handling. Extra emphasis is placed on nutrition and sports science, as well as developing training programs that balance the demands of high school athletes with their involvement in triathlon. Athletes will work with USAT Certified Youth and Junior Coaches as well as single-sport specialists and guest elite triathletes. While not always required, most Select Camp athletes will be chosen from prior Skill Development Camp attendees, High Performance Team members, or from USAT Benchmark Testing data.