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Midwest Regional Championship

The Omaha Triathlon will play host to both the 2014 USA Triathlon Midwest Regional Championship and the Midwest Regional Paratriathlon Regional Championship on July 20 at Cunningham Lake in Omaha, Neb. (Glenn Cunningham Lake Cunningham Lake Road, Omaha, Neb.)

Race Info

  July 20
  6 a.m. (Midwest Regional Championship)
  July 13

Q&A with Omaha Triathlon Race Director Kurt Beisch

Why should triathletes make it a point to race the Omaha Triathlon?
"Readers of Disney-owned Family Fun Magazine recently named Omaha as the No. 1 family friendly vacation spot in the U.S. Nestled in the middle of the United States, we are known for hosting great events such as the College World Series, Olympic Swim Trials and the Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholders meeting. The Omaha Triathlon is supported by the Omaha mayor’s office and its municipalities just like the other major events in Omaha. Additional information:"

How big of an addition is the Midwest Regional Championship to this event? 
"We have seen an increase of 170 (plus or minus) participants based on the number out of town addresses."

Is the Midwest Regional Championship something you hope will continue to be a part of the event in the future?  "We hope to bring the USAT Age Group National Championship to Omaha in the near future. We are centrally located, offer an excellent race course and more restaurants per capita than major metropolitan cities for post-race celebrations."       

In addition to their races, what can competitors look forward to?
"I like the bike course because there a very few turns/intersections. You can really get into a rhythm on flats and long down hills. The run course goes around Lake Cunningham so there is lot of scenery on the trails. The bike and run course offers a mixture of flats and rolling landscape. Again, I like this part because in separates the athletes and makes things safe and fair. This course does not lend itself to any single strength or weakness."

How many competitors are you expecting in 2014?
"750 to 800."

Summarize what athletes can expect from the Olympic-distance course.
"Most people think that Omaha is in the middle of the prairie and is flat. This is not necessarily the case with the Omaha Triathlon. The bike course offers long steady hills, not steep, but ones you will need to focus on with a constant effort. In return, you will get a relief on the long fast down hills. The run course is 60 percent flat and 40 percent hilly. The good part is there is shade on the hillier section of the course. This course will lend itself to the well rounded athlete. Both courses are closed to traffic"

What is one thing competitors don’t know about this event?
"We had 27 states represented last year from California to New York and six different race categories including para-athletes. We offer a quality race with a closed bike course and run course. The city really steps up to make this a premiere event and is reflected in the athlete’s comments after the race."

Midwest Region Special Qualifier

The Lake Geode Challenge Triathlon will play host to the 2014 USA Triathlon Midwest Region Special Qualifier on July 12 in Danville, Iowa.