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Rocky Mountain Regional Championship

The Boulder Peak Triathlon will host the 2014 USA Triathlon Rocky Mountain Regional Championship on July 13 in Boulder, Colo.

Race Info

  July 13

To be posted soon

Special Qualifier

The 13th annual Echo Triathlon will play host to the 2014 USA Triathlon Rocky Mountain Region Special Qualifier on July 12 in Coalville, Utah.

Q&A with Race Director Dave Christen

Why should triathletes make it a point to race the Boulder Peak Triathlon?
"The Boulder Peak Triathlon is one of the most historic and classic races in the country. With so many local professional athletes and top of the ranks age group athletes, this is truly what we call the “Pro Town Throw Down”. People come to this event each year to really measure themselves against the top of the sport. With the unique pro race that starts later on in the morning, the AG athletes get to finish their event and take in the pro race and the unique 1 mile (3 loop circuit) course. The atmosphere on the run course is electric once the world champs hit the course."
How big of an addition is the Rocky Mountain Regional Championship to this event?
"Having this designation is a very large honor, and in my opinion, a large responsibility as well. The event has its history and lore, but when you tag a regional championship to the end it makes it that much more special, and that much more competitive."
Is the Rocky Mountain Regional Championship something you hope will continue to be a part of the event in the future?
"We would love to be the Regional Championship for the foreseeable future. However, we understand the regions desire to rotate the location to attract different pockets of athletes to the championship. Selfishly though, and in no way bias….. it is the best Olympic distance race in the area."
In addition to their races, what can competitors look forward to?
"Boulder by itself is a great place to visit and train. With the Boulder Tri Series, including new IRONMAN Boulder, this place is a great place to pick for a number of races each year. Plus we have great food in the area."
How many competitors are you expecting in 2014?
"We should be racing somewhere in the neighborhood of 1200-1300 athletes."
Summarize what athletes can expect from the Olympic-distance course.
"With a lot of flood damage to the historic 'Peak' section of this course we may be using a more flat route. If the road is prepared in enough time the athletes should expect a lung busting climb up Old Stage Rd but a long and fun ride back down into the flat lands of Boulder County. The run course is flat and fast and almost entirely crushed gravel/dirt roads."
What is one thing competitors don’t know about this event?
"The Pro race has a prize purse for the first pro athlete to cross the finish line, male or female. We set it up with the Pro Men starting anywhere from 13-19 minutes behind the women. Me and the old RD, Barry Siff, take a look at what athletes are racing in the male and female pro groups and try and choose an amount of time between the two groups so that it would be close. Last year Lisa Norden was clearly in better shape than we had thought and she put a hurtin’ on the boys and it was not very close at all. This year we hope to have closer contest for that prize money."