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Current Results
(as of September 7, 2014)

The Rocky Mountain Region Talent ID Series is designed to foster development of young athletes age 13 - 19.  The series consists of seven independently produced sprint distance triathlons.  Each event meets a set of criteria ensuring the race is optimized for those new to the sport as well as those who wish to compete against the best in the region.  All races are non-draft format and spread evenly across the regional states of Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Wyoming, and El Paso, Texas.  The top 10 finishers at each event will earn points toward a season end tally.  The top 3 athletes in each division at the end of the series (totaling 12 athletes) will be rewarded with triathlon merchandise from series sponsors and an invitation to an elite skills camp in Colorado.  The main purpose of this series is to encourage participation for young athletes, foster excitement in the Rocky Mountain Region, and ultimately develop competitors into the Olympic pipeline.

        Series Events

*Event #1
  May 11
  Albuquerque, N.M.
  Jay Benson Triathlon             
*Event #2
  May 18
  Grand Junction, Colo.
  HITS Triathlon   
Event #3
  May 31
  St. George, Utah
  Sand Hollow Triathlon

Event #4
  July 19
  Colorado Springs, Colo.
  Rocky Mtn' State Games Tri

Event #5
  August 16
  Park City, Utah
  Jordanelle Triathlon

Event #6
  August 31
  El Paso, Texas
  Eagle in the Sun Triathlon

  September 6
  Lakewood, Colo.
  Littlefoot Triathlon
*Sprint-distance only. Youth will be scored separately, but will race sprint-distance.

Series Eligibility
The Rocky Mountain Region Talent ID Series is open to all athletes between the race age of 13 and 19.  The "Youth" division consists of those with a race age of 13 – 15.  The "Junior" division consists of those with a race age of 16 – 19.  "Race age" is the athlete's age on December 31st, 2014.  Series events are independently operated and entry is not guaranteed.  Event directors have the right to limit the number of participants in their event.  It is in the athlete’s best interest to register in advance for ALL races in which they plan to participate.

Series Scoring
Points will be awarded at each event as listed below.  The top 5 scores of each athlete will be tallied to determine standings for the overall series.  Awards will be given for the top three males and females in each age category of 13-15 and 16-19.  In the event of a tie between two or more athletes, placing at the Rocky Mountain Youth and Junior Regional Championship will be used as the tie breaker. (or the last race at which both athletes competed) Ties will only be broken for the top three overall places in the series.  Athletes must compete in a minimum of two events in the series to be eligible for overall series awards.  Series Results will be updated and posted on the USAT Rocky Mountain Region website no more than one week after each event.  Overall series winners will be announced following the final race of the series which is the regional championship event.

Point Breakdown

Series Events #1 – 6:

1 place = 60 points

2 place = 50 points

3 place = 42 points

4 place = 35 points

5 place =  30 points

6 place =  25 points

7th place =  20 points

8th place = 15 points

9th place = 10 points

10th place = 5 points


Event #7: Series Championship:

1 place = 90 points

2 place = 75 points

3 place = 63 points

4 place = 53 points

5 place =  45 points

6 place =  38 points

7th place = 30 points

8th place = 23 points

9th place =  15 points

10th place = 8 points

Race Cancellations and Alterations

If an event is altered to a duathlon or aquathlon format: points will still be awarded.  If a race is changed to a run only format, rescheduled for another weekend, or cancelled: no points will be awarded for that event. 

Series Questions
Any questions regarding the Rocky Mountain Region Talent ID Race Series should be directed to Ken Axford, USAT Rocky Mountain Region Athlete Development Coordinator: