Hey Coach! As an NCAA or Junior Development Team coach, you are eligible to take advantage of the following special offers provided by our valued USA Triathlon partners. From custom trisuits to training plans, these discounts are customized to enhance the benefits, quality and competitiveness of your program.

If you have questions or are having trouble utilizing the discount codes below, please reach out to marketing@usatriathlon.org.

NOTE: This is an exclusive discount for programs like yours. Please do not share or your discount will be revoked.

Deals for NCAA Triathlon Programs

  • Zoot Sports Logo

    30% Off Custom Gear

    For nearly 40 years Zoot has built apparel for some of the world’s most demanding athletes. Now is the time to customize your college team apparel with the best fabrics, construction, and technology available. The Zoot Custom program allows you to create your team’s apparel in collaboration with the Zoot Design Team. Production turnaround averages 8-10 weeks. Contact custom@zootsports.com for exclusive NCAA pricing. Use code USAT23 for 30% off at zootsports.com.

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  • Rudy Project logo

    Rudy Project Sponsorship Program

    Thanks for your interest in partnering with Rudy Project. At Rudy Project, we partner with many NCAA teams to provide the highest-quality sports eyewear and helmets in the world. Please click below to learn more!

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  • IOA Insurance Office of America logo

    Protecting Your Dreams

    As higher education continues to combat a wide range of challenging nuances on campus and in the marketplace, IOA’s education specialists are committed to serving such institutions as leading risk management experts.

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  • KT Tape logo

    20% Off Recovery Products

    KT Tape has revolutionized the sports medicine industry with the introduction of the most advanced and recognized kinesiology tape and recovery products. Our mission is to develop breakthrough solutions to help enable athletes of all levels to compete at their best. KT Tape has become the athlete's choice for drug-free pain relief and injury management. Use discount code TEAMUSAT at kttape.com for 20% off.

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  • Spring Energy logo

    Spring Energy Sports Nutrition

    Since 2014, Spring Energy has been fueling endurance athletes with 100% real food. Backed by science, Spring's real food nutrition gels are healthy, promote a happy GI system, and taste amazing! Spring Energy is performance fuel you want to eat. Keep your stomach happy and muscles replenished, so you can focus on pushing your body to the finish. Eat and Strive!

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  • Hotel Planner logo

    Hotel Deals

    HotelPlanner is the cutting-edge technology platform for booking your hotels. Our company offers the best deals in group, individual and corporate travel. We have partnerships with renowned organizations in sports including the Washing Football Team, USA Triathlon, and the LPGA.

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  • Compeed logo

    Discover the Compeed®️ Advantage!

    Compeed active gel cushions provide 20% faster healing, 10x more pain relief and stay in place 50% longer than ordinary bandages. Discover Compeed and Stay on Track!

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  • Science in Sport logo

    World-Class Products

    Science in Sport is the world's leading endurance nutrition brand. Combining world-class knowledge and scientific formulations to provide optimal performance solutions across the nutritional need states of energy, hydration, and recovery. Through our world leading research and innovation programme, we formulate evidence-based products that truly impact performance.

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  • Playtri Logo

    Triathlon Products and Services

    Playtri is the largest retailer of triathlon and multisport products and services, helping individuals find a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. Playtri offers knowledge and guidance for athletes to reach their training and racing goals. You can see our product selection at playtristrore.com. To access your school-specific 15% savings on parts and accessories and 10% savings on bikes and wheels, please email staci@playtri.com.

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  • Sprying logo

    Wireless, Active Compression For Calf Muscles

    Spryng is a calf muscle recovery tool for everyday people. We believe that everyone should be pain-free and we strive to make that a possibility by making great technology easily accessible.

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  • Nix Biosensors logo

    Nix Hydration Biosensor

    Nix is the first biosensor to analyze sweat and provide endurance athletes with personalized hydration data — scientifically validated and delivered in real time.

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  • Icon Meals logo. Also shown are ready-to-eat meals.

    Meal Prep Made Easy For Athletes

    One of the best ways to optimize your performance as an athlete is to make smart eating choices… but it’s HARD! ICON Meals takes all the work, mess, and stress out of it with chef-prepared meals delivered to your door.

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  • TrainingPeaks logo

    Training Software

    TrainingPeaks is the official training software of USA Triathlon, providing coaches and athletes with tools to communicate and plan workouts while leveraging industry-leading data analytics. Your team can get started with a free 7-day coach account trial along with access to specific NCAA pricing.

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  • Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa

    $10 Off Massages

    Massage is proven to help speed recovery for endurance athletes and is a core part of triathlon training. All USA Triathlon members can enjoy an exclusive discount for massage services.

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  • FORM logo

    FORM Smart Swim Goggles

    Triathletes and swimmers are taking their swim training to new levels with the help of FORM. FORM is an integrated Swim Platform that is powered by our Smart Swim Goggles, which display real time swim data to athletes while they train. We are the first swim training device that not only displays performance data in real time via the goggles, but also delivers workouts through the goggles for athletes to make training more efficient, effective, engaging, motivating, and accountable. Learn more about FORM at www.formswim.com. To access your preferred USAT partner pricing, please contact Scott Dickens at scott@formswim.com.

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  • Gatorade Endurance logo

    Fuel To Unlock Your Best

    The Gatorade Endurance line of products is designed for the specific demands of endurance athletes who are racing and training for prolonged periods of time when fluid and electrolyte losses can be significant. You can learn more by visiting www.Gatorade.com.

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  • Hydrow Logo

    Hydrow for Cross-Training

    Hydrow, the leading at-home connected rower is an ideal cross-training workout for triathletes, allowing you to keep fit, work different muscle groups and get off your feet. Harnessing the visual, auditory, and emotional components of rowing, Hydrow delivers a best-in-class, full-body workout. USAT members save $200 at hydrow.com.

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  • A2 Bikes Logo

    A2 NCAA Program Support

    A2 Bike’s mission is to provide high performance bikes at a high value by bringing our race bikes direct to consumer. In 2023 A2 Bikes partnered with USA Triathlon to help grow the sport and provide a reasonable alternative to overpriced bikes.

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  • Renpho logo

    RENPHO Exclusive Smart Scale Partner

    RENPHO is on a mission to spread #SmartHealthyLiving worldwide with our collection of innovative health, wellness, and fitness items. Researched and designed to be both premium-quality and affordable, our flagship Smart Body Scale was just the beginning... RENPHO has expanded to offer a variety of smart lifestyle innovations! Visit RENPHO.com and use code USAT2023 at checkout for 15% OFF ANY SCALE.

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