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  • david brumley

    Inspiring Better

    Nothing has been easy on David Brumley’s journey from chronically ill to Ironman. But, triathlon sparked his will to fight and he hasn’t been the same since. This weekend he takes on his first ultra: Ironman Louisville.

  • cooldown

    Recovery After Hard Training and Racing

    After a hard workout or race, it’s important to do everything you can to facilitate your recovery. Coach Marty Gaal walks you through steps to properly rehydrate, refuel and rest to return to training and racing quicker.

  • cross triathlon worlds

    U.S. Earns Seven Medals at ITU Cross Triathlon Worlds

    U.S. off-road triathletes picked up seven medals and one world title at the 2014 Zittau ITU Cross Triathlon World Championships on Saturday.  ITU

  • stephanie jenks

    Jenks Strikes Silver at Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games

    Junior triathlete Stephanie Jenks raced her way to a silver medal at Xuanwu Lake on Sunday morning, earning one of the first medals of the 2014 Youth Olympic Games.  Scott Taylor/ITU

  • peanut butter on cracker

    Fuel Station: Snacks to Pack for Long Rides

    Cyclists need snacks that are portable, energy-packed and low in protein. Here are more than a dozen options that are easy to digest, won’t melt on your ride and will give you an extra boost to help maintain energy levels.

  • cycling

    Former-Runner ‘Syndrome’

    You’re a runner, but you’re new to triathlon, and it seems everyone is passing you on the bike. Don’t worry. We’ve got the remedy to fix your former-runner syndrome and make you a strong, balanced triathlete.

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