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  • swim start

    USA Triathlon Confirms 2015 Regional Championships

    USA Triathlon has determined the events in each of its 10 Regions that will serve as the 2015 Regional Championships, providing athletes the opportunity to qualify for the 2015 USA Triathlon Olympic-Distance National Championships. Jeff Phelps/USA Triathlon

  • preworkout fueling

    Pre-Workout Fueling

    Training your gut is one of the most important concepts when it comes to perfecting a pre-workout snack or meal. Learn how much to fuel, the best timing and what foods are recommended to avoid GI issues.

  • bikes

    Cycling Conduct: Basic Bike Safety

    The offseason is a great time to work on bike safety. This week’s rule requires participants to ensure their bicycles are safe and in working order. Take time to inspect your bike and make any repairs prior to your first race. Jeff Phelps/USA Triathlon

  • my story

    Racing for a Reason

    When Mac Rand’s brother died of leukemia in 1991, he used multisport as a way to raise money for cancer research. This year he took it to a new level by completing a double IRONMAN, raising $32,000 in the process.

  • race season

    How to Plan Your 2015 Race Season

    Whether your self-discipline fell by the wayside in December or you’re just feeling the winter blahs, it’s time to jump-start the triathlete lying dormant inside of you. Follow these tips to plan your 2015 race season. Mario Cantu/CIMAGES

  • soup

    Performance-Enhancing Winter Soups

    Soups are a great way for athletes of all types to meet many of their nutritional needs while also satisfying the craving for warmer foods during the offseason. Here are four performance-enhancing recipes for winter fueling.

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