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  • swim start

    5 Phases of the Arm Pulling Cycle: Back Quadrant Propulsion

    Despite what your coach may have told you, don't squeeze your fingers together in freestyle ... ever. Learn more swim stroke tips in part four of Gary Hall Sr.'s series on the arm pulling cycle. Rich Cruse/

  • pumpkin

    All Things Pumpkin

    Can't get enough pumpkin? Be aware: you can do damage with misguided 'pumpkin' food selections. Find out how the seasonal favorite fits into an athlete's diet and how to max out on its benefits.

  • usa triathlon national championships

    2016 National Championships Schedule Announced

    USA Triathlon today announced the dates and locations for nearly all the events that will comprise the 2016 USA Triathlon National Championships schedule, allowing top amateur multisport athletes to compete for national titles, and in some cases world championship team spots, at high-level events across the country. Rich Cruse

  • Gallery: 2015 Cozumel ITU World Cup

    Images from the 2015 Cozumel ITU World Cup, where four U.S. elite triathletes logged top-10 finishes on Sunday at the site of next year’s ITU World Triathlon Series Grand Final.  Rich Cruse/

    lindsey jerdonek
  • mckenna

    Pride To Fill The World: Rediscovering the Sport of Triathlon

    Remember the joy of finishing your first triathlon? Longtime triathlete Mike Plant rediscovers the sport through his daughter. Hear it now from a proud Dad: this sport still packs an emotional punch.

  • recovery

    Become a Recovery Machine

    Training hard is a requirement for optimal performance, but so is proper recovery. Use these simple recovery strategies to enhance your ability to train hard and avoid injuries. Rich Cruse

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