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  • havana cuba

    Your Ticket to ITU La Habana Triathlon

    Havana, Cuba, will host a historic triathlon on Jan. 24-25, 2015, and U.S. age-groupers have a unique opportunity to compete in this unprecedented event. Registration closes Dec. 31 — learn how to secure your spot today.

  • Best of 2014: Inspirational Age-Group Photos

    A picture says 1,000 words and these images are no different. As USA Triathlon's Best of 2014 series continues, check out the top inspirational age-group photos submitted by you. 

  • Holiday Wishes from USA Triathlon

    Celebrate top moments from 2014 as USA Triathlon wishes you and the entire multisport community a happy and healthy holiday season.

  • age group nationals

    Best of 2014: By the Numbers

    From total medals won to Facebook fans and ITU podium finishes, numbers are a big part of the sport. Today in the Best of 2014 series, USA Triathlon looks to quantify the past year in the sport.  Competitive image 2013

  • Best of 2014: Triathlon's Funny Moments

    The next installment of USA Triathlon's Best of 2014 series lists funny moments from the past year. Find the top funny videos, reader-submitted stories and social media posts from January through December here.

  • Best of 2014: Triathlon in the News

    USA Triathlon's Best of 2014 series continues with the top news stories from the year. Read the best multisport articles here from January through December.  Rich Cruse

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