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  • elites

    Best of 2014: Camaraderie Photos

    USA Triathlon officially launches its Best of 2014 series to recap the year that was. First up are the best camaraderie photos from USA Triathlon National Championships and other events around the world. 

  • gwen jorgensen

    Jorgensen Awards Triathlon Scholarship

    Gwen Jorgensen, the world's top-ranked triathlete, and her husband raised $23,000 to award to young triathletes and organizations that support them. Janos Schmidt/ITU Media

  • fruit and nuts

    Real Food vs. Sports Bars and Drinks

    Outside of training sessions, real food should make up our daily food intake, because our bodies more efficiently absorb vitamins and nutrients from nature-grown foods. Here are six tips to help you fuel better.

  • newbie to nationals

    From Newbie to Nationals

    You’ve signed up for your first triathlon. Beware: You’re going to want to do another. Here’s the story of an age-grouper who went from newbie to Nationals in one year, plus the highs and lows along the way.

  • transition

    Transition Area: Placement of Equipment

    No matter how large the field is at your next race, make sure to rack your bike and set up any gear according to the USA Triathlon Competitive Rules, whether you have an assigned transition space or not. Paul Phillips/Jonathan Phillips

  • triathlon

    Redefining Success for Triathletes

    As you think about a new season, does training feel more like an obligation than a form of recreation? Take time this offseason to define success for yourself in terms that will bring joy back to the sport you love. Jeff Phelps/USA Triathlon

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