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    Have you always wanted a bit more strategy when it comes to triathlons? Draft-legal racing may be for you!

    In draft-legal races, athletes are allowed to draft (ride behind) other competitors to reduce wind resistance and save energy. Draft-legal racing is typically faster and more competitive than non-drafting races as athletes can use drafting to conserve energy and make strategic moves during the race. However, they also require a high level of skill and strategy. Athletes must be able to anticipate and react to changes in the pack and make decisions about when to draft and when to break away.

    Draft-legal racing is becoming more popular across the world, especially in international and elite competition. Olympic triathlon races are draft-legal, as is NCAA competition. The next generation of triathletes will race draft-legal. What about you?

    2023 Draft-Legal Racing Schedule

    • Tritonman

      February 11 - San Diego, California; Notes: NTDR

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    AG DL: Age Group Draft Legal
    NTDR: National Triathlon Development Race
    JDS: Junior Development Series
    Elite CC: Elite Continental Cup
    Junior CC: Junior Continental Cup
    Collegiate: Collegiate Club
    NCAA: National Collegiate Athletic Association (collegiate varsity)

    Draft-legal events are the next big thing in multisport. This is the future of the sport.
    Scott Schnitzspahn
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