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Putting your training to the test on race day is the ultimate challenge. USA Triathlon sanctions local and national races across the country, ensuring that beginner and veteran athlete’s alike can compete in safe and fun environments.

Local races in your community are the perfect introduction to multisport. Challenge yourself and improve your skills all with the comfort of sleeping in your own bed! Local races also provide you the opportunity to connect with athletes in your area and establish a deeper connection with your local multisport community.

With more than 4,000 USA Triathlon Sanctioned Races of all sizes and distances available throughout the year, there's one in your area that's perfect for you.

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Want to see a new part the country and meet fellow multisport athletes? Test yourself against a bigger field? Try racing in a different part of the country — and make it a race-cation! USA Triathlon certifies or hosts more than 4,000 races in all 50 states, meaning that wherever you go in the nation, you can find a race.

USA Triathlon also organizes several National Championship races throughout the year, allowing you the opportunity to test yourself against the top age group competitors from across the country.

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Getting Started

  • Step 1: Define Your Goals

    The first step in any new endeavor is to define your goals. What do you want to achieve in multisport and triathlon? What type of discipline do you want to compete in? Whatever your goals may be, write them down. Make sure they’re specific and measurable.

  • Step 2: Assess Your Fitness Level

    Before you start training, assess your fitness level. This will help you determine your starting point and create a plan tailored to your abilities. Consider your current level of fitness, any injuries or health issues you may have, and your experience with endurance sports.

  • Step 4: Gear

    You do NOT need the latest most expensive gear to participate in multisport. There are a few key pieces of equipment, including a bike, running shoes, and a swimsuit or wetsuit (depending temperatures). Invest in gear that is comfortable, fits well, and is appropriate for your skill level and goals. Don't be afraid to ask for recommendations or seek advice from experienced athletes.

  • Step 5: Join a Community

    One of the best ways to get started in multisport is to join a community of like-minded athletes. This could be a local triathlon club or friends who train together. Being part of a community can provide motivation, support, and valuable advice.

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  • Step 6: Participate in Events

    Participating in events is a great way to test your skills and measure your progress. Start with smaller, local events and work your way up to longer, more challenging races. Remember to focus on your own goals and progress. Don't compare yourself to others.

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  • Step 7: Stay Motivated and Enjoy the Journey

    Multisport can be challenging, but it’s also incredibly rewarding. Stay motivated, set realistic goals, and celebrate your achievements along the way. Enjoy the journey, learn from your experiences, and never stop challenging yourself to be your best.

Equipment You'll Need

Note: Remember to check the race guidelines and requirements to ensure that your gear meets all necessary standards.