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The USA Triathlon High School Program encourages high school aged athletes to participate in multisport regardless of skill level or experience. They benefit from the coaching, training and community support provided by associated adult multisport clubs, which also provide neccessary gear and opportunities to race. The high school racing calendar culminates with each state's High School State Championship.

How to Start a High School Club (PDF)

Register Your Club with USA Triathlon (PDF)

Benefits of Registering with USA Triathlon

High School State Championships

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    High School State Championships

    High school program competition schedules culminate with the High School State Championships, which are held concurrently at USA Triathlon State Championship events. Most are held during June and July.

    State Championships Schedule

Want to help grown multisport to the next generation in your area? Current USA Triathlon clubs can add a high school subdivision for no charge. The added high school membership would fall under the adult club's insurance policy, so there are zero additional costs.

Adult club leaders can also serve as club leader for the high school club, but it is not a requirement. If there's a portion of adult members who are interested in growing the sport, this is a perfect way do that and grow your club at the same time.

Add a High School Club to Your Club (PDF)

Coaches, are you looking to impact the future of multisport? High school athletes can use your knowledge and guidance! Whether serving as coach for the entire team or as a mentor or single-sport coach, you can help grow the next generation of multisport athletes.

Ways Coaches can Get Involved (PDF)

Race directors can help grow high school triathlon by providing opportunities to compete. Create high school waves and a high school club competition in the super sprint or sprint distance race at your existing event, then promote the event to area clubs and high schools. 

Grow Your High School Event (PDF)

Resources for High School Clubs

  • Athlete Recruitment

High School Talent Scout Program

High School Talent Scouts are leaders who assist in the development, growth, and operations of high school club triathlon at the state level. They are tasked to help grow the number of clubs, assist clubs with introducing the sport to new student athletes, and develop a race calendar for the clubs to attend.  

High School Club Member Benefit

Free App for High School Club Athletes - Saturday Pro Fuel and Hydration

Saturday Pro Fuel and Hydration puts an intelligent endurance nutrition coach in each student-athlete's pocket. We pride ourselves on providing personalized and optimized healthy fuel and hydration plans for triathletes, runners, cyclists, and swimmers.

Club leaders can add their member’s contact information to receive an invitation to use the App at no cost during their High School career. 

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