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Adaptive Athletes

    USA Triathlon’s mission is to grow, inspire and support the multisport community and provide resources that empower all members to reach their full potential. Multisport is a sport for everyone, including those with different abilities. Regardless of our differences, everyone should be able to experience the joy of crossing a finish line.

    Fill out this Introductory Paratriathlete Questionnaire and contact with any questions or to sign up for our Para Bulletin Newsletter. 

    Paratriathlon FAQs

    Adaptive Divisions

    This section creates two divisions for adaptive athletes to compete in : paratriathlon and adaptive multisport. We acknowledge and honor that paratriathlon is a form of adaptive multisport, and that many adaptive athletes consider themselves paratriathletes and vice versa. This section and these categories will be separated based on the classification system that governs competition in these two categories.

    • Paratriathlon

      Paratriathlon is governed by USA Paratriathlon rules and classifies athletes using World Triathlon's medical classification system. Elite and international races fall under Paratriathlon.

    • Adaptive Multisport

      Adaptive multisport is more general and does not require going through the strict classification process. Rules surrounding competition divisions, equipment and assistance are more relaxed in adaptive multisport.

      Adaptive Divisions

    Note: most of USA Triathlon’s adaptive resources are designed for paratriathlon and athletes with visual or mobile impairments. PC Open and Challenged Teams are valued members of the multisport community, and we will work to build resources dedicated to these groups in the future.

    Adaptive Multisport 101

    Adaptive Specific Equipment

    Have a USA Triathlon Certified Race you want to compete in? You can! Contact the event’s race director at least a month prior to race day and discuss any accommodations you may need during the race.

    Events for Adaptive Athletes

    • Events for Adaptive Athletes

      Whether it's your local race or the U.S. Paratriathlon National Championships, there's a race that's perfect for you! Learn more about your opportunities to participate in races, camps and more.

      Compete Now

    Paratriathletes — chase your Paralympic dreams! USA Triathlon's high performance team is here to support your elite paratriathlon career. With development camps, racing opportunities and structured teams, there are resources available to you as you begin racing on the world's biggest stage. 

    Learn More About Elite Paratriathlon

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