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    The USA Triathlon Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and the charitable arm of USA Triathlon. Our mission is to transform lives through sport by providing opportunities to swim, bike and run.

    We generate a greater impact on the multisport community through charitable giveback and grants that advance the Foundation’s three pillars:

    • Encourage youth participation
    • Inspire pathways to access and inclusion
    • Ignite Olympic and Paralympic dreams

    Since the Foundation was established in 2014, it has provided millions of dollars in grants to organizations and individuals in pursuit of its mission and pillars to create a healthier United States through triathlon.

    Athletes run into the water to begin a race.

    Our Vision: A healthier America through triathlon


    USA Triathlon Foundation’s Elevate 2028 Strategic Plan outlines the path toward increasing philanthropic support, encouraging a culture of philanthropy, and providing a greater impact for donors and members of the multisport community.

    The USA Triathlon Foundation raises funds for and makes grants in support of three pillars – encouraging youth participation, inspiring pathways to access and inclusion, and igniting Olympic and Paralympic dreams – to advance its mission and create a direct line to individuals, organizations and initiatives across the country that are dedicated to transforming lives through swim, bike and run.

    View the 2023-28 Strategic Plan

    USA Triathlon Foundation Staff

    • A headshot of Christi-Marie Butler

      Christi-Marie Butler

      Chief Development Officer

    • A headshot of Kyle Bryson

      Kyle Bryson

      Regional Development Officer

    • A headshot of Lindsay Welker

      Lindsay Welker

      Foundation Assistant Manager

    Board of Trustees

    Represented by a strong group of business and non-profit professionals, age group athletes, and a two-time Paralympian, the USA Triathlon Foundation's Board of Trustees established and upholds the mission of transforming lives by opening pathways to all.

    • A headshot of Alex Egan

      Alex Egan


    • A headshot of Audra Mallow

      Audra Mallow

      Vice Chair

    • A headshot of Bill Shenkin

      Bill Shenkin


    • A headshot of Reggie Waller

      Reggie Waller


    • A headshot of Frantz Alphonse

      Frantz Alphonse


    • A headshot of Stephen Ban

      Stephen Ban

      Past Chair

    • A headshot of John Cassimatis

      John Cassimatis

      Past Chair

    • A headshot of Paul Gompers

      Paul Gompers


    • A headshot of Jacqueline McCook

      Jacqueline McCook


    • A headshot of Cheryl Perry

      Cheryl Perry


    • A headshot of Brenda Smith

      Brenda Smith


    • A headshot of Felix Stellmaszek

      Felix Stellmaszek

      USA Triathlon Board Liaison

    • A headshot of Melissa Stockwell

      Melissa Stockwell

      Trustee, Paralympian

    Legacy Members

    USA Triathlon Foundation Legacy Membership acknowledges extraordinary service to the USA Triathlon Foundation and the Board of Trustees.

    • Jim Aust

    • Bob Babbitt

    • Scott Brown

    • Paul Craig

    • Tracy Disabato-Aust

    • Floyd Gregory (Gregg) Goolsby

    • Kevin Haas

    • David Lang

    • Dick Lansing

    • David Silver


    Since the USA Triathlon Foundation was established in 2014, it has impacted thousands of lives by supporting individuals, organizations and initiatives across the country in pursuit of its mission and pillars.

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