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    Whether you're taking your first steps in the sport or a seasoned multisport veteran, USA Triathlon is here to help you achieve your goals. Our multisport community is made up of athletes of all ages and abilities, and we're dedicated to creating a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone can thrive. In this section, you'll find a wealth of resources to help you get started in multisport.

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      USA Triathlon membership opens the door to multisport events all year long and is required to compete in USAT sanctioned races. Join now to experience the ultimate endurance challenge!

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    Multisport is for everyone and every body. With some modifications, anyone can compete in multisport.
    More about Adaptive Multisport

    USA Triathlon annual members get to see how they stack up against friends, family, club members and others in their age group across the country. If you finish among the top 10 percent of your age group, you'll earn All-American status!

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    Elite and Development

    Training Tips

    Get training advice, workout suggestions and more from USA Triathlon Certified Coaches.

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      Swim Tips

      Improve Your Swim
    • Athletes ride mountain bikes up a rocky dirt trail.
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      Transition Tips

      Make the Switch
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      Strength and Conditioning Tips

      Get Stronger, Go Faster
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      Nutrition Tips

      Fuel Your Training
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